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Falling Object Accidents

An object dropped from a height at a construction site can become a dangerous missile for those who are working below. Due to the extreme negligence involved in accidents of this nature, the injured person may have a right to seek compensation through our civil justice system.

At the law offices of Ginsberg & O'Connor, P.C., in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, we know how a serious injury can affect an individual and a family. Our personal injury lawyers have been protecting the rights of injured construction workers and their families across New Jersey since 1992.

Compensation For Victims Of Falling Objects

If you are injured on the job in New Jersey, you are entitled to compensation from workers’ compensation regardless of fault. If the injury is caused by the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to additional compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

While employers are generally protected from personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits for work-related accidents, contractors, property owners and others who do not work for your employer may be liable. Employers may also be liable in cases of extreme negligence.

Examples of negligence in falling object accidents include:

  • Having people work in areas where objects may be dropped from above
  • Failure to secure loose items on a scaffold
  • Failure to provide crop nets to catch objects dropped from above

Our attorneys offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your case and explain your options. We are New Jersey civil trial lawyers who can take your case as far as it needs to go to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Contact Our Attorneys Concerning A Falling Object Injury

To explore your full range of recovery options following a construction site accident involving a falling object, call our Mount Laurel attorneys toll free at 856-437-0969, or contact us online today to schedule a free initial consultation. We handle all injury claims on a contingency basis.