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Caring For A Baby or Raising A Child With A Birth Injury

Exploring Grounds For Medical Malpractice

Doctors who treat pregnant women and deliver babies are not miracle workers. But they are trained professionals. They have an obligation to anticipate problems and to use sound medical practices when complications of childbirth arise.

The attorneys of Ginsberg & O'Connor have tried many birth injury cases in New Jersey courts. We know how to identify where things went wrong to hold doctors, nurses and hospitals accountable for medical negligence.

Was it malpractice?

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Medical Errors In Prenatal Care, Labor And Delivery

Obstetricians (OB-GYNs) as well as technicians, nurses and anesthesiologists all play a role in bringing healthy babies into the world. Sometimes, through carelessness or ill-advised risks, those professionals cause babies to be born with severe disabilities such as cerebral palsy (brain damage) or Erb’s palsy (nerve damage).

Gary Ginsberg is a certified trial specialist who is well-versed in the medical aspects of birth injury claims. He and his associates can present a compelling case for medical malpractice as the cause of birth injuries such as:

  • Failure to identify prenatal defects such as heart problems or chromosomal defects
  • Failure to prevent premature birth through tocolytics or other methods
  • Failure to anticipate a difficult birth due to the size of the baby’s head or prior cesarean births
  • Failure to plan for a C-section delivery or perform an emergency C-section in time
  • Improper or delayed response to shoulder dystocia or hypoxia
  • Improper delivery technique such as misuse of forceps or suction
  • Failure to monitor the vital signs of the fetus or the mother
  • Failure to treat a newborn in distress

Committed To Full Compensation For Parents And Their Babies

We work with obstetric experts to examine medical records, post-incident reports and other evidence to corroborate that negligence of the OB-GYN or hospital personnel was the cause of birth injuries. We work with parents to detail the heartache and the lifelong hardships of caring for a child with disabilities.

Our trial lawyers have taken these cases to a jury. By preparing diligently for trial, we also put clients in stronger position for a favorable out-of-court settlement. Contact us online, or call us toll free at 856-437-0969. We work on a contingency fee, meaning there are no attorney fees unless we recover medical malpractice compensation.