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Falls And Fractures In Nursing Homes

Falls are the leading cause of injury to the elderly, and those injuries are more likely to be disabling or life-threatening. One of the reasons people enter a nursing home is the danger of a serious falling accident in their own home. Yet many nursing home residents still fall due to negligence and neglect of the staff who are supposed to keep them safe.

Has your loved one suffered a bone fracture or serious fall? Unexplained bruises or pains? Nursing homes are not always forthcoming about accidents. The Mount Laurel personal injury attorneys of Ginsberg & O'Connor, P.C., have recovered compensation for the harm from nursing home falls. Call us today to discuss your suspicions and possible legal remedies.

Many Nursing Home Falls Are Preventable

Every new resident should be assessed for risk of falling. Those at higher risk (frailty, disabilities, limited eyesight) may require supervision and support:

  • Assistance into and out of bed
  • Bed rails and wheelchair restraints
  • Assistance with bathroom, bathing and dressing
  • Walking aids or accompaniment

Falls and fractures occur when staff do not respond to call buttons or otherwise fail in their duty to render assistance. They occur when high-risk patients are allowed to wander or when new patients are never assessed for fall risk. Poor medical care, such as malnourishment, can also contribute to the chance of a fall or the extent of injury.

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For an older person with brittle bones, a simple fall may cause a hip fracture, broken leg, broken arm, wrist fracture, head trauma or painful bone bruises. These injuries heal slowly or incompletely, and surgery may be too risky because of other health concerns.

Our personal injury lawyers have litigated cases throughout New Jersey, including recoveries of nursing home accidents. We pursue compensation for costs of medical intervention, and your family member’s pain and suffering.

We provide a free consultation and handle nursing home neglect cases on a contingency basis. Call our Mount Laurel law firm toll free at 856-437-0969, or contact us online.