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Anesthesia Errors

Most people recover from general anesthesia with no lasting effects, but there is little margin for error. Negligence of the anesthesia team during the operation or in recovery can lead to disabling or fatal harm to the patient.

Did your family member die as a result of an operation? Has your loved one suffered brain damage, stroke or other injury from complications of surgery? If you suspect that something went wrong with the anesthesia, our Mount Laurel lawyers can investigate. We pursue medical malpractice cases in Burlington County and statewide New Jersey, including anesthesia errors.

What Constitutes Anesthesia Malpractice?

General anesthesia is a combination of drugs and gases that suppresses consciousness and pain sensations. The process is overseen by an anesthesiologist (specialized physician), often in tandem with a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). Their job is to put the patient “under,” regulate the patient’s breathing and monitor vital signs during the operation, and then bring the patient back to consciousness.

Every surgery has risks, but negligence by the anesthesiologist or anesthetist is not a normal or acceptable risk. This may include:

  • Anesthesia overdose
  • Too little anesthetic (patient awakens or feels pain during the operation)
  • Adverse reaction (failure to anticipate or properly intervene)
  • Intubation errors
  • Failure to monitor vital signs in surgery or post-op

Anesthesia mistakes can trigger severe and permanent harm, including heart damage, stroke and paralysis, brain injury, organ damage, nerve damage, seizures, coma or death.

We Hold Medical Professionals Accountable

Ginsberg & O'Connor, P.C., has a successful track record with surgery-related cases, including lawsuits for anesthesiologist malpractice. There is no cost to have our law firm review your case. If we initiate action against the medical practitioners and hospital, you do not owe attorney fees unless we obtain a judgment or settlement.

For your free consultation, call our Mount Laurel law firm toll free at 800-598-3944, or contact us online.

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