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Long-term consequences of a traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can happen from any number of events. A New Jersey resident may suffer one during a car accident or they may fall victim to this devastating form of injury when they slip and hurt themselves on a wet floor. No matter how a victim suffers their TBI it is important that they understand and recognize the lasting effects their injury may have on them.

A TBI may cause a victim to suffer serious complications with their coordination. A person who has endured a TBI may not have strong balance or may not be able to focus. Their symptoms can affect their senses as well. TBI can leave a person with blurry vision, ringing eats, loss of the sense of taste and other devastating side effects.

I was injured at work? Can I see my own doctor?

Your employer pays all your medical bills if you are injured on the job, from emergency room care to physical therapy.

But there is a catch. In New Jersey, injured workers must seek treatment with the employer’s “preferred” doctors and clinics. This can create conflicts if these physicians downplay your injuries or clear you to return to work too soon. Are you stuck with their doctors?

Truck accident leaves reality star with serious injuries

When smaller vehicles and large trucks are involved in roadway accidents, it is often the individuals in the smaller automobiles that suffer significant injuries and losses. New Jersey residents familiar with the Bravo show, "Blood, Sweat and Heels," may remember star, Melyssa Ford and may be shocked to learn that she was recently involved in a dangerous crash with a semi.

Ford was traveling on a freeway when a semi merged into her lane. The semi hit one of the back wheels of her sport utility vehicle and caused her vehicle to lose control. As a result of the collision Ford's vehicle rolled over and left her with significant physical harm.

Electronic logs limit trucker hours

Since April 1, all trucks on the road are required to use electronic logs to record actual hours on duty. This new regulation was implemented because the old paper logs were routinely falsified. Truckers used to spend far more hours on the road than what was considered safe, resulting in fatigue and accidents.

With this new law, truckers are indeed spending fewer hours behind the wheel. Statistics are not yet in showing how much safer this has made the roads, however. If you or a loved one have been in an accident involving a truck, those logs are important information for your case to see if the truck was indeed on the road longer than the law allows.

Equipment rental safety

Summer is a great time to get things done around the house. The days are long, the weather is nice, and it feels good to just be outdoors doing sometime. Many times, working in the yard or garden involves renting or borrowing equipment to get the job done. And when you do, you expect it to be in good working order.

Sometimes, that equipment has hidden dangers, however. If you have rented equipment that has injured you, the place that you rented it from might be liable for damages.

Commercial drivers may not text and drive

Texting and driving is dangerous for any motorist. Though it may not be uncommon for New Jersey drivers to see other individuals flipping through their smart phones as they cruise down the road, individuals who allow their handheld devices to take over their attention while they drive are putting themselves and others in danger. State laws prohibit such conduct in private drivers, but federal regulations bar certain commercial drivers from texting and driving as well.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prohibits commercial drivers from using certain devices while they are operating their rigs. If a drive must push more than one button to use their devise, the action is prohibited. Likewise, if the driver must not hold a device while using voice commands. A driver must have their device properly mounted and programmed before they begin driving to ensure that their attention is not taken off of the road and onto the screen of their cell phone.

How to stay safe during road construction season

When people think of the signs of summer, they often think about late night sunsets, colorful flowers and crowded beaches. However, signs of summer can also include the orange construction barrels, congestion and detour signs that come with road construction.

This summer, motorists across New Jersey are likely to encounter road construction. These areas can be dangerous for drivers and construction workers alike, and an accident could lead to catastrophic injuries and an inability to work. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to take steps to stay safe in and around work zones this summer in order to avoid serious accidents.

Does unnecessary drugging of nursing home residents equal abuse?

The Department of Veterans Affairs nursing home in Lyons, New Jersey, was recently ranked internally with a one out of five stars rating. One of the reasons for the low rating was the number of residents that were being treated with antipsychotic drugs.

In many cases, these drugs were used to induce lethargy in the residents, rendering them more docile and easier for the staff to handle. Does unnecessary drugging (also known as chemical restraint) of these residents constitute abuse – and could this happen to your loved one who resides in a nursing home?

Fighting for your rights after a traumatic brain injury

There are few injuries that are more severe than a head trauma. Such an injury does not only cause pain and suffering, but it can also alter a person's life completely. An injury to the brain can impact a person's ability to move their body, manage their memories, learn and even speak. That being said, a person suffering from a brain injury could be a completely following an accident that caused injury to their brain.

A catastrophic injury is just that; an injury that is so tragic that is disrupts the life of a victim. A brain injury is a type of injury that one never imagines suffering, and when this serious injury befalls an accident victim, it is important that individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere understand their rights and how to overcome the damages and losses this injury has and will continue to cause them.

Do you really know what drowning looks like?

On TV, a drowning person flails and splashes and yells for help. This creates dramatic tension and sets up the heroic rescue.

In real life, drowning does not look like that. Unlike TV and the movies, the person makes very little sound -- struggling briefly before slipping below the water’s surface. Learn to spot the signs of a swimmer in distress.

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