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Protecting your rights after a catastrophic truck accident

The trucking industry is vital to the economy in Burlington County and across the U.S. It permits goods to be transported from one end of the nation to another, building business profits and making many different goods available to consumers at any time of the year. However, the presence of semi-trucks on our streets and highways can pose a danger to all on the road.

Driving a semi-truck takes special care and knowledge. In fact, semi-truck drivers must obtain a special license to operate their vehicles. This is because handling an 80,000-pound loaded semi-truck is very different than handling a 2,000-pound automobile. Semi-trucks make wide turns and cannot stop on a dime. And, their sheer size means that any crash they are involved in can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities.

Beef manufacturer issues recall after salmonella outbreak

Many people in Burlington County enjoy a good hamburger or steak dinner. We might take for granted that the food we consume is safe to eat. However, food products can be contaminated during the manufacturing process, causing some people to suffer a serious illness after eating them.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 87 more individuals have contracted salmonella after consuming recalled beef produced by JB Tolleson Inc. This brings the total number of people who have contracted this illness from the contaminated beef up to 333, 91 cases of which resulted in hospitalization. Over 12 million pounds of the tainted beef was recalled by the company, which had distributed the beef to over 100 stores nationwide, including major retailers such as Walmart and Kroger. The CDC is investigating the situation.

New Jersey jury hands down $20 million for fetal brain injury

Maria Tapia was pregnant with twins in 2011. During her 33rd week, she went for an ultrasound. A technician working for maternal fetal medicine specialist Gary Frisoli discovered one of the babies, a girl, had developed intrauterine growth retardation. The condition caused the baby to lose weight because she was not receiving enough nutrition.

Suspected nursing home abuse of loved one and next steps

Nursing homes are a legitimate solution for families in which loved ones can no longer care for themselves. It may be old age that has gotten them to this point, a disability from birth or a recent severe change in their health that led them to the need for complete care. Nursing homes are meant to be a place for people, often the elderly people, who need help caring for themselves. However, there have been reported instances of nursing home abuse in which a resident is harmed.

If you suspect nursing home abuse, this is a serious issue. When a loved one to be abused, rather than cared for in the best possible way, it is something that never should happen. Nursing homes are required to uphold a level of care that is exemplary and failure to do so, or negligent acts on behalf of nursing home workers, could result in a resident's injury or premature death. Here are next steps to take if you suspect nursing home abuse of your loved one.

What is underinsured motorist coverage? How does it work?

Auto insurance is the law. New Jersey requires every driver to be insured.

But some insured drivers carry only the legally required minimum. What happens if your losses exceed their policy? Your own insurance picks up the slack – if you have underinsured motorist coverage. Read more about this important safety net.

Breast implant problems were underreported for many years

Of the 400,000 breast implant surgeries performed annually, the Food and Drug Administration had reported only about 200 complaints each year of defects or health problems.

But a recent change in FDA reporting methods reveals that in fact there are many thousands of complaints. And the incidence of a rare cancer linked to breast implants may be more prevalent than thought.

$35 million awarded by NFL to fund brain injury research

The National Football League has come under scrutiny in the last decade based on the prevalence of brain injuries befalling their players and retired players. It has come to the attention of the NFL that brain injury was often previously misdiagnosed, or undiagnosed entirely, putting players at an unnecessary risk of long-term brain injury. Strides have been taken by the NFL with concussion protocol and other measures, like changes to the game in hopes of reducing the instances of brain injury.

Most recently, the NFL has allotted $35 million to fund brain injury studies. While the hope is that this research will benefit football players, in reality, it will benefit all who have been afflicted by brain injury. This includes those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to an accident in which negligence is alleged. Brain injury can happen in instances of medical malpractice, or as a result of a fall or a car accident injury, to name a few.

Parking lots are dangerous, especially during the holidays

When someone mentions “car accident” you probably think of a highway crash or intersection collision. In reality, side streets and parking lots can be dangerous too.

Even low-speed collisions can cause serious injuries. Parking lot accidents – including pedestrians hit by cars -- increase sharply during the Christmas season. There is more traffic and many of those drivers are distracted. Be extra careful when you are shopping and running errands this year.

Investigation links more RV accidents to Goodyear G159 tires

Investigation links more accidents to Goodyear G159 tires

More than 100 injuries and deaths have been linked to a specific Goodyear tire. That number is still growing as old accident reports are matched up with the potentially defective tires.

What are common injuries that befall construction workers?

As it may already be known to construction workers and their families, construction is a dangerous industry to work in. Just how dangerous? In 2009, of the 3.3 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses reported in 2009 to the Center for Disease Control, more than nine percent were experienced by construction workers.

Of the reports, it was overwhelmingly heavily focused on fall-type injuries. Fall injuries are often preventable, if employees are properly trained and are given access to the proper safety equipment. Falls accounted for 22 percent of all types of injuries reported by construction workers in the same year. Falls often occur on scaffolding or other heights.

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