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Legal action for birth defects is different than birth injuries

Many parents in New Jersey are relieved once the baby is delivered safely after nine hard months of pregnancy, but it may not take long before a medical emergency occurs. For some, bigger problems arise once the baby comes out. The doctors may come across a physical oddity or notice that the newborn has a hard time breathing or functioning. Before the parents know it, the child they were looking forward to raising now must deal with a lifelong disability.

While some parents may be quick to blame the doctors delivering the child for birth injuries, that’s not always the case. Several of these conditions are known as birth defects, which means that something went wrong during the fetus development. According to the CDC, birth defects are the leading cause of infant deaths in the U.S. and affect one out of every 33 babies. Parents should know which conditions qualify as defects and who is liable for their child’s medical issues.

Nursing home abuse is a serious issue that is going unreported

Making the decision to put a loved on in a nursing home is a difficult one. Therefore, those in Burlington County who are facing this possibility will do all the research they can to ensure the nursing home they choose for their loved one will provide the care their loved one needs to live comfortably.

Unfortunately, while many nursing homes provide adequate care, a report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the Inspector General indicates that instances of nursing home abuse are going under-reported across the nation. The results of this report are disturbing to anyone who has a loved one in a nursing home.

Safe ways to keep the car cool in the summer heat

Plenty of New Jersey residents get sick of having to drive in hot cars during July and August. Not only is it annoying and incredibly uncomfortable, but it is also dangerous. It can serve as a distraction during the months with some of the highest motor vehicle accident rates of the year.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten easier to deal with in recent years. Here in the Northeast we had record breaking temperatures in July. Since there are still plenty of warm days before fall arrives, it’s important to learn how you can have a cooler and safer ride to work and back.

Could relaxing regulations cause more truck accidents?

The Transportation Department is considering proposals that would loosen federal regulations regarding how long a semi-truck driver may operate their vehicle before taking a rest break. While some in the industry see this as a positive move, others in Burlington County may be concerned that easing regulations could lead to truck driver fatigue and, subsequently, truck accidents caused by drowsy driving.

Under current regulations, truckers can only be on duty for up to 14 hours before taking a 10-hour rest break, and they cannot drive for more than 11 of those 14 hours. Also, if a trucker is planning to drive for over eight hours, they must take a 30-minute rest break before that eight hours is up.

Do your kids use safe habits to help prevent pedestrian crashes?

Being hit by a car can be a traumatic event for anyone to experience. Pedestrians are usually severely injured or killed in this type of collision because they do not have the same protection from impact that motorists have.

Unfortunately, many of the pedestrians who are injured or killed in traffic accidents are children. However, parents can teach their children safe walking habits to help them avoid potentially dangerous situations.

How common are birth defects in the United States?

While some defects are truly the result of genetics, there are a significant number that result from errors made by medical professionals or facilities during the pregnancy or delivery. Birth defects are far more common than you might imagine, with one in every 33 babies born having some form of birth defect which equates to one baby with a defect being born less than every five minutes.


What workplace injuries are nurses at risk for?

Though the average person may not think of hospital work as a dangerous profession, the rates of injury for hospital workers is double that of the general private industry.

Registered Nurses (RNs) face hazards during their job every day. Here are some of the most common causes of injuries for RNs.

What is the lifetime cost of care for a spinal cord injury?

Being released from the hospital and going home can be a big accomplishment after being diagnosed with a spinal cord injury (SPI). However, going home after your injury can get you wondering about your future.

You probably already expect that your injury may affect your mobility, self-sufficiency and daily routines. However, living with an SCI also involves many more expenses than you probably had pre-injury, and these additional expenses may affect your financial health and lifestyle.

Know your rights following a construction site accident

Residents of Burlington County are used to seeing orange barrels on the roads this time of year, as well as cranes, forklifts and scaffolding around construction sites. However, most people can appreciate that whether they are repaving a street or building a home, construction workers may be at risk.

For example, a worker could be injured in a scaffolding fall or ladder fall. They may be injured in a forklift accident, electrical accident, crane accident or machinery accident. There are almost innumerable ways that accidents can occur at construction sites. Injured construction workers may find their lives have suddenly become very difficult. First, they are trying to recover physically from the injuries they suffered. Because of their injuries, they may not be able to work. Without being able to earn their normal wages, they may wonder how they are going to afford their medical expenses and living expenses.

Medical malpractice suit yields big payday amid tragedy

A severe brain injury due to medical negligence during neck surgery caused Margaret Mary Niedzwiadek, 59, to pass into a coma in October 2013, and pass away in December 2013. It also led to a $4.2 million settlement for her family. The family, accused the doctor, Craig J. Anmuth, of driving to the office while talking on his cellphone and looking over other patient records. The family clams he was supposed to be at the Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation looking over Margaret’s neuromonitoring signals.

Evidence states that an employee at Bacharach allegedly installed software to eliminate evidence on Anmuth’s computer the day the surgery took place – and that Anmuth took seven phone calls, one from a plumber while he was supposed to be focused on tracking the neuromonitoring signals. The surgery had been in progress for 50 minutes before Anmuth logged in to track Margaret’s signals. Also, he was accused of false statement perjury.

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