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Football star says medical malpractice ended his NFL career

A former Minnesota Vikings player has sued the medical professionals involved in his 2016 knee surgery. Sharif Floyd blames a botched surgery for nerve damage that makes it unlikely he will ever play professional football again.

The case raises several legal issues that sometimes arise in medical malpractice litigation. Is the whole surgical team responsible? What happens if surgeons have to go to “Plan B” after the patient is sedated and the operation is underway? How do you project the future earnings of a pro athlete?

Truck drivers are limited in the number of hours they may drive

It is not uncommon for drivers to experience fatigue from time to time. A New Jersey resident may be in the middle of a long trip when they begin to feel exhaustion creep into their body and sleepiness pull on their eyes. When feelings of tiredness hit a driver, it can be a wise decision for them to stop, get some rest, and allow their body to recover so that it may get back behind the wheel at a later time.

However, the decision to stop and rest may be more difficult for a commercial truck driver. This is because drivers in this environment are expected to make deadlines and deliveries to ensure their customers get the goods they need on the schedules that they expect them. A truck driver may feel as though they cannot stop despite their exhaustion because stopping may mean that they will miss their window to drop off their load.

A missed diagnosis can be a deadly medical mistake

Most people know their own bodies well enough to know when something might be wrong. They may have a physical feeling that is not normal, or they may be aware of sensations that are unusual to their systems. When medical problems and questions arise, New Jersey residents often visit their doctors to have their concerns addressed and their inquiries answered.

After arriving at their doctor, a patient may be asked a series of questions about their condition. They may be asked to describe when their symptoms occurred and what changes they have experienced in their life that may have contributed to their medical concerns. A doctor may ask a patient to submit to tests to learn more about their condition and to rule out possible causes of their medical concerns.

Vehicle accident on duty: workers’ comp or personal injury?

You’re driving the company car when another driver rear-ends you. Is that a work injury or does it go under car insurance?

After clocking out for the day, you get run over in the company parking lot. Does your employer cover your injuries or are you on your own?

In both scenarios you would have a workers’ compensation claim, and possibly a personal injury case as well.

How to care for your child after a concussion

Children that participate in sports like soccer, football or hockey have an increased risk of sustaining a concussion. New research has revealed that children who suffer a concussion heal differently than adults.

The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found for children under 13, concussion symptoms usually last three times longer than for older teens and adults. The symptoms may last longer due to underlying issues like ADHD, anxiety, stress or depression. On average, symptoms last about four weeks for kids in this age range.

Can a third party be sued for a work injury?

A Florida trash collector has sued a neighborhood association for creating a safety hazard that led to his foot injury on the job.

Many people think that you can’t sue for work injuries because of worker’s comp. It is true that you can’t sue your employer, but you can bring a lawsuit against third parties who are not associated with your employment.

Who is responsible when an accident happens in inclement weather?

New Jersey is a great place to live, but anyone who has toughed it out through the winter in Burlington County knows that the weather can get very serious. When temperatures dip and the winds pick up, drivers can be subjected to significant threats from ice, snow, and slush as precipitation accumulates on the roads. The presence of these substances can make driving treacherous and can lead to more accidents between local drivers.

When an accident happens in bad weather, a victim may wonder if there is anyone that they can actually sue. They may believe that if the weather caused the accident that there is no other responsible party from whom they may be able to collect their damages. This is not always the case. Although readers should always seek independent counsel regarding their motor vehicle accident claims, victims can still usually sue the negligent parties who caused their accidents even if the weather was bad when they crashed.

When is a structured injury settlement appropriate?

If you win significant personal injury compensation, at trial or through negotiation, one important question is how the money is paid out.

You might opt to take all the money now in one lump sum. Or it may be wise to structure the settlement to be paid out over a number of years. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of structured settlements.

Nursing home residents have rights to be safe and secure

Giving up their freedom to live in nursing or residential care facilities can be difficult for Pennsylvania residents. Aside from not having the comforts of one's own home, a person must be able to trust the individuals and institution that have agreed to manage their care. Building this trust can be difficult, especially when egregious cases of nursing home abuse are reported at facilities throughout the nation.

However, in order to help individuals feel secure in their new homes nursing home residents are given certain rights to retain their own dignity and control over their affairs. For example, a nursing home resident has the right to see their family members and advocates during their stay in their facility. They have the right to choose their own doctors and to refuse treatments that they do not want to submit to.

Pediatricians group: infant walkers are “inherently dangerous”

A new study reveals that 2,000 babies are injured in the U.S. each year by infant walkers. The American Academy of Pedriatrics is flat-out calling for a ban on these popular baby products.

The startling statistics support the doctors’ stance that the walkers – while convenient and entertaining for parents – are dangerous for babies.

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