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Previously recalled Hondas re-recalled for air bag component

The largest auto recall in history has expanded yet again. In the latest development, Honda has recalled 1 million autos due to a defective part that was used in replacing faulty air bags.

In other words, it’s a re-recall. Many Honda vehicles covered by the new recall were previously repaired because of a potentially fatal defect in Takata air bags. With the backlog, people may be forced to drive their vehicles until the new danger can be fixed. Is your vehicle on the recall list?

How big is the distracted driving problem in New Jersey?

Multi-tasking may be great in the workplace or at home but trying to multi-task while behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster. Motorists in Burlington County may think they can text while driving, eat or groom themselves while driving, or even converse with other passengers in the vehicle without compromising the safety of themselves and others. However, any of these actions can distract a driver, causing the driver to cause a car accident.

In fact, a State Police analysis found that in 2016 the leading cause of fatal car accidents in New Jersey was distracted driving. This surpasses other causes of car crashes, such as speeding and even drunk driving. In 2016, of the 570 collisions in New Jersey that resulted in fatalities, distracted driving played a role in 217 of them. 2016 saw 602 deaths due to distracted driving, 40 more deaths than took place in 2015.

Need-to-knows about workers comp disability

You may know that you are covered by workers’ compensation if you are injured on the job. But do you understand what benefits you are entitled to?

There are three categories of disability benefits, which can be confusing. Below is a basic breakdown of each type and when it applies.

How SUVs have contributed to more pedestrian deaths

Throughout New Jersey and the United States in general, we are driving more SUVs than ever before. The cheap cost of gas, supposed safety features and roomy interiors have driven many to trade in cars for bigger sport utility vehicles.

Unfortunately, our obsession with bigger automobiles comes with a hefty cost. It turns out that more SUVs means more pedestrian deaths. Here’s how the two are connected:

Manufacturers may be responsible for unsafe chicken products

Chicken is often touted as a healthy source of lean protein. In fact, 96 percent of Americans reportedly consume chicken, and over 50 percent of these people consume chicken several times weekly. However, many people in Burlington County may have noted that there have been numerous incidents as of late of chicken products being recalled. In fact, the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) reports that there have been eight incidents in the first six weeks of 2019 in which a company voluntarily recalled their chicken products.

Food-safety experts have stated that while some of these incidents are caused by faulty equipment and human error, the root of other incidents remain unknown. Some recalls involved packaging that did not list allergens in the chicken products, while other recalls involved foreign substances being found in the chicken products. In fact, there have been five recalls due to undeclared allergens so far in 2019.

Why dehydration may be of concern for the elderly

For young, healthy adults, it may be difficult to recognize what your loved ones need as they grow older. Your needs will likely be different than those of your aging parents but as you try to help them, you could find that some things gain importance with age.

Consider water intake, for example. You might not think about encouraging your parents to hydrate. However, dehydration can wreak havoc on anyone’s body. It can cause dizziness, fatigue and confusion. For the elderly, these symptoms can be much more severe.

Bed sores: what to watch for and when are they a problem?

It is never an easy decision to put a loved one in someone else’s care. Whether you have a loved one in a nursing facility, or you have a skilled medical professional providing in-home care, there is always the worry that they will not provide the same care that you would.

There are many outstanding care facilities and practitioners who take great pride in the work they do and the care they give. These are the people who pay close attention to detail and who understand the most important elements for taking care of your loved one.

More accountability is needed from health care professionals

Unfortunately, medical mistakes are not rare in New Jersey. One report indicates that approximately 30 percent of medical malpractice filings are based on a diagnostic error. Another source reports that in 2017, 95 surgical procedures were performed on the incorrect patient, on the incorrect part of the body or were the wrong procedure entirely.

These reports may be deeply concerning to those in Burlington County seeking medical treatment or needing to undergo a surgical procedure. A new documentary explores how medical mistakes negatively affect those who suffer them, along with the medical culture that permits the occurrence of these errors. The documentary stated that medical mistakes can occur when health care professionals are fatigued or when they do not adequately communicate with one another. However, the documentary also noted that the health care industry often does not hold medical professionals responsible for the errors they make when treating patients.

How does OSHA regulate scaffolds at construction sites?

Scaffolds are a common sight on many major construction projects in Burlington County. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 65 percent of construction workers often perform their job duties on scaffolds at great heights. So, it may not be surprising that scaffolding plays a role in many construction worker accidents. A fall from a scaffold can cause serious injuries. Therefore, OSHA has implemented regulations regarding scaffold safety.

Per OSHA requirements, scaffolds and their parts are required to be able to support their own weight as well as four times the weight of the maximum load they are intended to hold. In addition, suspension ropes must be able to support a minimum of six times the maximum load they are intended to hold.

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