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Former all-star tennis player settles medical malpractice case

A young woman, aged 22, suffered a life-altering injury due to malpractice when she was still only in high school. Now, a New Jersey jury has handed down a $1.2 million malpractice award to compensate her.

At the time of her injury, the high school student was a top-ranked tennis player -- athletically gifted by all accounts. The medical mistake left her unable to walk for an extended period (including through her prom and graduation). It also subjected her to long hours of grueling physical therapy in order to regain her mobility. In addition, her days of playing tennis are permanently over.

Holiday fatigue and accidents: How to avoid being a statistic

Increasingly, Christmas cheer is being brought to our doorsteps by deliverymen.

The Post Office, for example, expects to handle roughly 750 million packages. Add in what UPS, FedEx and other delivery services are carrying, and that amounts to one thing: a lot of tired truckers.

Know the dangers of sharing a road with a commercial truck

Would it surprise you to learn that the No. 1 predictor of a fatal trucking accident is simply the number of commercial trucks that are on the road?

On one hand, that makes sense; however, it stops making so much sense when you find out that while commercial trucks only average about 8 percent of the traffic on the highway, they cause 11 percent of all highway deaths.

Don't trust insurance companies to play fair when making claims

Auto accident insurance is mandatory in every state if you want to be on the road -- but that doesn't stop some people from driving without it.

If you end up being injured by an uninsured driver on the road, you may decide to file a lawsuit against your own insurance company.

Opioids: Can product liability laws make companies pay?

Years ago, no one would have ever dreamed that tobacco companies would ever have to pay up for the health crisis caused by cigarettes.

Could those same principals, based off of product liability laws, eventually hold the makers of drugs like OxyContin and other opioids responsible for the public health crisis created by their products?

Birthday beers lead to death and injuries on a New Jersey road

A birthday celebration in New Jersey turned into a deadly accident when the celebrants took to the road after having a few beers at the local bar.

Now, the guy who was celebrating his birthday is behind bars, one of his close friends is dead and three others are hospitalized with injuries.

What unique dangers does fall present to drivers?

A lot of people love fall and not just because there's easy access to pumpkin spice coffee everywhere. However, despite the love it receives, fall presents drivers with some special dangers.

If you're going to spend any time behind the wheel this fall, whether making the commute to work and back or just traveling around town for errands, consider this your yearly reminder of some of the specific dangers the season brings:

Teen's 'deceased' status complicates personal injury claim

When, exactly, does death occur?

That's the most important question in a lawsuit that involves a young California teenager whose routine surgery turned tragic. Oxygen deprivation caused tremendous brain damage -- so much so that the coroner said she had "brain death" and issued a certificate of death.

Is football the most dangerous game?

If you're enthusiastic about the start of football season, you're hardly alone.This year, however, new information about the dangers of the game have more people concerned about the risk of permanent brain damage. That's tempering the usual enthusiasm quite a bit.

In a recent study on the brains of 111 retired National Football League (NFL) players, al but one of the brains, or 99 percent, showed evidence of a disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The same study showed that about 90 percent of former college players studied had CTE as well. Even high school players aren't exempt: 21 percent of those showed brain damage.

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