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Different conduct may constitute abuse in a nursing home

No one should be subject to harm or abuse at the hands of those charged with caring for them. That includes the men and women who are residents of nursing homes and care facilities in New Jersey. Unfortunately, however, many individuals in residential care facilities are taken advantage of and subjected to damaging and dangerous actions by those who are in charge of their well-being.

When nursing home residents are abused, they may have rights to seek compensation based on their losses. Nursing home abuse claims can be difficult to pursue, and individuals and families who suspect that abuse has affected them or their loved ones can discuss their concerns with attorneys who work in this particular field of law. One of the reasons that nursing home abuse cases can be tough is that many different forms of conduct may constitute the abuse of this needy population.

Did your baby suffer from shoulder dystocia?

Becoming a new mother is an exciting, joyous moment. But when you experience negligence in the labor and delivery room, that excitement can quickly turn into fear, frustration and anxiety. A doctor’s incompetence, inattentiveness or inexperience during your delivery can result in serious health complications for you and your child.


What are the most common causes of spinal cord injuries?

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are life-altering injuries that not only affect someone’s ability to move and feel, but also cost individuals thousands of dollars each year in medical expenses and other related costs. Although many people are aware of this devastating type of injury, they remain in the dark regarding the events that often cause SCIs.

What constitutes a surgical mistake?

One of the reasons that New Jersey residents trust the opinions of their doctors is because medical professionals are held to a high level of professional training. After four years of medical school, most doctors go through multi-year residencies where they learn the specific skills and practices of the concentration in medicine that they will focus on. Some will go on to complete fellowships, internships and other skill-focused opportunities so that they are experts in their chosen fields of practice.

Surgeons often undergo some of the most rigorous medical training available because they are often invasively treating their patients through operations. However, despite their strict educational and practice standards, some surgeons and their medical teams may make egregious and dangerous medical mistakes while treating patients through surgery. There are several ways that surgical mistakes can happen, and readers are reminded that this post is not a comprehensive review of this important topic.

What symptoms are associated with brain injuries?

A brain injury can be a serious medical condition. Although this post will provide its readers with general information about brain injuries and their related symptoms, the contents of this post should not be interpreted as legal or medical advice. New Jersey residents who are involved in accidents and who have suffered brain injuries should consult with the appropriate professionals to have their health and legal rights protected.

Brain injuries can happen in practically any type of accident, from trips and falls to serious motor vehicle collisions. They occur when the head sustains trauma from either a blow, such as an impact force on the skull, or a penetration, such as when something enters the skull and touches the brain. Depending upon the type of brain injury and its severity, a victim may experience a range of symptoms.

Hit and run accidents can result in serious injuries

When a negligent or reckless party strikes their victim or their victim's vehicle and then drives away without rendering help or offering assistance, this is considered a hit-and-run. Pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists and drivers of standard vehicles can all suffer harm when this type of car accident occurs. When accidents of this nature happen in New Jersey, individuals may wish to seek legal counsel to get help with their legal claims.

That is because hit and run accidents do not generally produce defendants for injured parties to sue. When a standard accident happens, a victim may speak with and be able to identify the party that crashed into them and caused their harm. They may have the responsible party's name, telephone number, address and insurance information from which they may be able to build a legal or insurance claim.

What is a differential diagnosis?

Going to the doctor can be a stressful event for a New Jersey resident, even if they do not believe that their health is significantly compromised. They may be asked to submit to a battery of tests and may find the waiting for results to be both painful and unnerving. In the end, a patient may emerge from their doctor's office with a new diagnosis and treatment plan that will hopefully alleviate their pain and suffering.

It can take a while for a doctor to arrive at a diagnosis for their patient, and that is often because the doctor has engaged in the differential diagnosis process. A differential diagnosis is a list of possible medical conditions that may be affecting a particular patient based on their symptoms and test results. For example, when a patient presents with a headache, their doctor may not immediately jump to a diagnosis of brain tumor without first ruling out stress, head trauma or other more regular causes.

Design defects and products liability claims

Before a New Jersey resident starts a new project, they may first make a plan to outline the work that they will have to do. As they plan, they may consider what materials they will need and what design they will follow for their project. They may weigh different options for how to accomplish their goals and to create the project that they need.

Businesses do the same thing when they plan new consumer goods and products. Research and development departments may identify consumer needs and work to create items that will fill the voids that consumers find in their lives. As they work, companies may design new goods that they hope to soon offer to their buyers.

Can workers' compensation claims be denied?

No good comes from being injured at work. In addition to the pain of the injury itself, you may be unable to work while you recover. You may struggle to meet regular monthly expenses and also accrue new medical bills. A serious injury can make your life feel out of balance, but the knowledge that your employer has workers’ compensation insurance may be one comfort during this difficult time.

Because your injury happened at work, you may expect that you will receive workers’ compensation benefits to help you manage your expenses. This is why news of a denied claim can be devastating.

Are you using your child's safety seat correctly?

Most parents will say that their child’s safety is their highest priority. Parents attest that of no more significant concern for their children is that of their safety. The state of New Jersey is inclined to the same notion. Therefore, the Garden State has one of the strictest child safety seat laws in the nation.

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for U.S. children ages 1 to 13. Approximately 40% of these children are unrestrained or improperly restrained. Most parents and caregivers naturally believe they are using car safety seats correctly. However, approximately 59% of car seats are incorrectly installed or misused. Choosing the right safety seat and using it correctly can help protect your child’s safety in the event of an accident.

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