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July 2019 Archives

How common are birth defects in the United States?

While some defects are truly the result of genetics, there are a significant number that result from errors made by medical professionals or facilities during the pregnancy or delivery. Birth defects are far more common than you might imagine, with one in every 33 babies born having some form of birth defect which equates to one baby with a defect being born less than every five minutes.

Know your rights following a construction site accident

Residents of Burlington County are used to seeing orange barrels on the roads this time of year, as well as cranes, forklifts and scaffolding around construction sites. However, most people can appreciate that whether they are repaving a street or building a home, construction workers may be at risk.

Medical malpractice suit yields big payday amid tragedy

A severe brain injury due to medical negligence during neck surgery caused Margaret Mary Niedzwiadek, 59, to pass into a coma in October 2013, and pass away in December 2013. It also led to a $4.2 million settlement for her family. The family, accused the doctor, Craig J. Anmuth, of driving to the office while talking on his cellphone and looking over other patient records. The family clams he was supposed to be at the Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation looking over Margaret’s neuromonitoring signals.

Lawsuit brought against care facility

Burlington County residents may be disturbed to hear that one developmentally disabled woman who resided in a Bellwether Behavioral Health group home choked to death at the facility while eating a cheeseburger and French fries. This is despite the family's instructions that the woman's food should be cut into small pieces and that she should be monitored while eating to ensure she didn't eat too much, too fast. Her family is pursuing legal action.

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