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April 2015 Archives

Car accident investigation reveals off-duty policemen was drunk

Just about every day there are news reports that contain details of a car wreck on New Jersey roads. Some involve serious injuries, extensive damage and much liability for the driver at fault. Victims in these car crashes might be able to aid their recoveries by pursuing compensation for losses. If a fatality is involved, accountability as well as financial payment is often important to families.

What are some product liability defenses and guidelines?

New Jersey law provides an opportunity for an individual or family who suffered injuries because of a defective or dangerous product to recover damages against the manufacturer or supplier. These claims can be based on, among other things, harmful drugs, unsafe vehicles and items made dangerous by design flaws or defects. People who are injured because of these issues may seek compensation to help them recover. Lawsuits and publicity can also successfully protect others or effect a change in the product.

What constitutes medical malpractice?

While it would be wonderful for all medical treatments and procedures to go exactly as planned, the medical world is fueled by people, and people do make mistakes. In some cases, treatment doesn't turn out as hoped even though no mistake is made. Given these truths, how do you know when you might have the basis for a medical malpractice suit?

Truck driver fatigue: It’s a danger to us all

Freight moves all over this country at a remarkable pace. The vast majority of it gets from here to there by truck. Because much of the road travel consists of long-haul trips, it's not surprising that truck driver fatigue plays a role in the inevitably high number of big rig accidents.

Planning for financial recovery after brain injury is critical

People who suffer traumatic brain injuries and the families who love them are devastated by the personal injury. It doesn't matter what the circumstances were that caused the harm when one drills down to what it will likely take to recover and move on. Out of fear, victims and loved ones might accept a settlement that sounds like a huge amount of money. We caution anyone involved in these circumstances to step back and, with the advice of an experienced legal advocate, think carefully about the myriad issues that may apply to the family in the future.

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