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Bringing Charges Large And Small To Municipal Court

At the law offices of Ginsberg & O'Connor, P.C., we realize that even a small criminal charge can have a big impact on your life. Our New Jersey municipal court defense attorneys are prepared to protect your rights and help you build the best possible defense. With more than 30 years of experience representing individuals in courts across New Jersey, we are ready to help you protect your future.

Protecting The Accused In New Jersey Courts

When you face any type of criminal charge, you want to know what your chances are and you want to know what you have to do to protect yourself. Taking a close look at your case, we will provide you with an analysis of your situation, including your chances of guilt or innocence.

From our offices in Mount Laurel, one of our tested trial lawyers will discuss your charges and the potential consequences with you face to face. You will not have to worry about showing up to court not knowing who is representing you. We are prepared to handle a wide range of cases in New Jersey municipal courts, including:

We understand that municipal court can be expensive, but we also know that the consequences of a conviction can carry greater and more long-lasting effects. We offer reasonable fees and flexible payment plans, so you can get the defense you deserve.

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With a small, but focused trial practice, our firm is prepared to take on complex New Jersey municipal law cases. If you have any questions about your rights or options moving forward, do not hesitate to call us toll free at 856-437-0969, or contact us online today to schedule a free initial consultation.