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Product Recalls

While the Consumer Product Safety Commission has the responsibility of monitoring the safety of the products we bring into our home, items that are dangerous or defective continue to injure or kill thousands of people each year. Product recalls help alert consumers about products with known dangers. Unfortunately, for many people, the recall comes too late.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a recalled product, contact the attorneys of Ginsberg & O'Connor, P.C., in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Since 1992, our lawyers have helped hundreds of injured people obtain the compensation they need to move on with their lives. We handle products liability cases throughout New Jersey.

Holding Manufacturers Accountable

Manufacturers have a duty to manufacture products that are safe and free of defects that could harm a consumer. If a product has inherent dangers, the manufacturer is required to put appropriate warnings on the product. If a manufacturer fails to do so, and you are injured as a result, the manufacturer, distributor and store that sold the product may be liable.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls millions of products from store shelves each year because the product has harmed consumers or carries the potential for harm. The following are examples of recalled products:

  • Children’s toys that contain lead, dangerous chemicals or choking hazards
  • Cribs and bedding that can cause suffocation to infants
  • Lamps and shades with cords that present strangulation risks
  • Appliances that catch fire or cause electrocution
  • Defective brakes, batteries, tires and other auto components

Contact Our Product Recall Lawyers

If you have suffered a serious injury from a dangerous product that has since been recalled, call our Mount Laurel attorneys toll free at 856-437-0969, or contact us online today to schedule a free initial consultation. We handle all injury claims on a contingency basis.