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Delayed Diagnosis Of Prostate Cancer

Medical Malpractice In Detection And Treatment

Although prostate cancer is the No. 2 cancer killer among men, the survival rate is quite good when it is discovered and treated in early stages. Unfortunately, physicians often fail to identify the signs or order further testing during the treatable phases. This lost opportunity later leads to invasive and painful medical intervention to combat the advanced tumors or premature death when the disease spreads to other parts of the body.

The attorneys of Ginsberg & O'Connor, P.C., can investigate if your loved one died from late stage prostate cancer or suffered harm from a delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer. We have held physicians and hospitals accountable for medical malpractice in failing to properly screen and treat patients who had indicators of prostate disease. Our Mount Laurel law firm welcomes cases throughout New Jersey.

How Doctors Fail To Diagnose Prostate Cancer

Men in their 50s, 60s and 70s should have periodic prostate exams, especially those who have known risk factors for prostate cancer such as family history. The two main methods of detection are a digital rectal exam performed by a physician and a blood test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA). In addition to the manual exam and PSA screening, doctors may employ radiography, ultrasound and/or biopsy to identify or verify prostate cancer.

Our lawyers are familiar with the medical protocols for prostate cancer screening and red flags such as PSA levels. While an elevated PSA does not always indicate cancer, it does warrant follow-up testing and monitoring. We examine the medical records to determine whether the general practitioner, proctologist, oncologist, radiologist or lab technicians took appropriate measures to detect and treat the cancer at an early juncture. Did the family physician refer the patient to a specialist? Did medical professionals miss or ignore warning signs? Did they fail to record PSA benchmarks or communicate the test results to the patient? Once cancer was suspected or identified, was the course of treatment inappropriate?

Committed To Justice For Preventable Medical Errors

More than 20,000 men die from prostate cancer each year. Misdiagnosis contributes to many of those tragic fatalities. Delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer also forces many men to endure radical surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, and the accompanying physical, emotional and psychological suffering that could have been prevented. Those patients or surviving family members deserve to be compensated accordingly for the tangible harm and financial impact.

Ginsberg & O'Connor, P.C., has obtained verdicts and settlements for medical negligence in failure to diagnose many types of cancer. We invite you to arrange a free consultation by calling our Mount Laurel office at 856-437-0969, or contact us online, and a member of our staff will follow up promptly.