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6 Reasons You May Need A Workers’ Comp Attorney

You are not required to hire a lawyer to file for workers’ compensation. But it is a good idea to at least talk to a lawyer if you are injured on the job.

Sometimes employers reject workers’ compensation claims. Sometimes there are problems months later. An attorney who is well-versed in the law can spot potential problems and advocate for you at every stage, including hearings and appeals.

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What Can Go Wrong With Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

New Jersey law requires most employers to provide medical and wage benefits to workers who are hurt on the job. But there can be friction with the employer or with the workers’ compensation insurer. The longer your claim is open (or the more serious your injuries), the more likely there will be problems:

  1. Your claim can be denied Employers may dispute that the injury was work-related or that you are too hurt to work. Or claims may be turned down because of technicalities, causing hardships and delays.
  2. Your benefits can be shortchanged — Every dollar of income is important when you are off the job. Employers and insurers often miscalculate wage benefits or fail to inform employees of all benefits.
  3. Your medical treatment can be denied You are required to see your employer’s “preferred” doctors, unless you get permission to switch. Insurers may refuse to authorize surgery, physical therapy or other treatment you need to recover.
  4. Your injuries may not heal — If you do not recover, or if your injuries worsen over time, you may need to file for permanent disability. The insurance company may fight this and will probably order an independent medical exam (IME) to dispute the degree of disability.
  5. You may have problems going back to work Your employer must take you back (not necessarily in the same job) and accommodate any medical limitations. Some employers refuse to honor doctors’ restrictions or angle to terminate injured workers.
  6. You may need to reopen your claim Claims are closed when you negotiate a settlement or stop medical treatment. If you are re-injured or your condition worsens, you may need legal help to reopen your medical or wage claims.

When To Hire A Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

These are just a few reasons you may need legal intervention. Our workers’ compensation lawyers have the knowledge and experience to protect your rights in the claims process and in proceedings before the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

The best time to talk to a lawyer is early in the process. Contact us today to arrange your free consultation at our Mount Laurel office.