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Are You Having Problems With Medical Benefits Under Workers’ Comp?

To you, the medical aspects of your work injury are a matter of health. To your employer and their insurance company, medical claims are a matter of dollars.

From the day you file for workers’ comp, your medical recovery may be scrutinized and second-guessed. The insurer wants to limit the costs of your care. The employer wants you back on the job as soon as possible. Ginsberg & O'Connor, P.C., will fiercely protect your rights to proper medical treatment and recovery time.

Protect your medical benefits

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Common Issues With Medical Treatment

Under New Jersey workers’ compensation law, you must seek treatment with your employer’s pre-approved medical providers, unless you get special permission to see a specialist or get a second opinion. These doctors tend to favor employers in their diagnoses and treatment plans.

You will want an experienced attorney on your side if you experience pushback regarding the medical aspects of your work injury claim. We are familiar with the conflicts that commonly arise with employers and their designated doctors and insurance carriers:

  • Denial of claim The employer may challenge whether your injury is work-related or serious enough to miss work. This will interrupt your medical care and delay your wage loss benefits.
  • Denial of treatment — The insurance company may refuse to pay for surgery, physical pain medications, medical equipment or other needed care.
  • Disability rating The doctor’s initial disability rating may downplay the extent of your injury, reducing your disability benefits by thousands of dollars over the course of your claim.
  • Independent medical exam Periodically, the employer or insurer can require an IME to determine if there is a change in your status in order to reduce your benefits.
  • Termination of benefits The doctor may declare you “cured” (or that you’ve reached maximum medical progress) and recommend that further medical treatment is not needed.
  • Returning to work You may be pressured to go back to work before you are healed or the employer may balk at doctor’s orders for light duty, part-time duty or disability accommodations.

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Get An Experienced Advocate

Our attorneys can intervene to assert your rights, from the initial claims process through hearings and appeals. We have represented injured workers in Burlington County, Camden County, Atlantic County, Middlesex County and statewide.

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