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Cerebral Palsy/Brain Damage

Labor and delivery is a dangerous time. Until a baby can breathe on its own, it receives oxygen through the umbilical cord. If that connection is disrupted during childbirth, there is a race against time before lack of oxygen results in irreversible harm to the brain. Physical trauma to the baby’s head or neck during the birthing process can also cause brain damage.

The Mount Laurel medical malpractice attorneys of Ginsberg & O'Connor, P.C., are experienced with birth injury cases involving cerebral palsy and other types of brain damage. We represent parents of Burlington County and throughout New Jersey in holding physicians, nurses and hospitals accountable for profound and permanent injuries in newborns.

Brain Injury During Childbirth

It is fairly common for babies to get stuck in the birth canal during delivery. The nurses have a duty to monitor the baby’s vital signs and the obstetrician (OB-GYN doctor) should be trained in strategies to safely free the baby in a timely manner.

If the umbilical cord becomes twisted or compressed and the baby is being deprived of oxygen, the OB-GYN may need to apply force or perform a cesarean delivery (C-section). Use of forceps, vacuum extraction, excessive force or improper technique by the delivering physician can cause direct trauma to the baby’s brain or brain stem. If a delayed C-section or complications of vaginal birth lead to hypoxia (insufficient oxygen), brain damage can occur in just a few short minutes.

Cerebral Palsy And The Lifelong Burdens

Cerebral palsy is a form of brain damage that affects motor skills and muscle tone. In addition to physical disabilities, cerebral palsy often causes cognitive deficits or problems with sight, hearing or speech. Thought not curable, some children benefit from medical equipment, surgery, physical therapy and other treatments. The costs of medical care and special services in caring for a child with cerebral palsy can easily exceed a million dollars over a lifetime.

Our experienced lawyers work to show the causal connection between cerebral palsy and the negligence of medical professionals. Did the doctor ignore indications of a difficult birth? Did the doctor wait too long to perform a C-section? Did the nurses fail to recognize symptoms of fetal distress? We pursue compensation for the child’s lifelong disabilities, the economic burdens and the emotional trauma of a tragic and preventable birth injury.

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