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Can you get workers’ compensation if you were in a car crash?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Medical coverage, lost wages and other benefits are often available to injured workers who apply for workers’ compensation. Employees are eligible for workers’ comp benefits if they were hurt while working and are unable to continue working until their injury is healed or indefinitely. For example, an employee who slipped and fell on a wet surface at their job and broke their leg may be able to apply for benefits to cover their medical bills.

Many people work jobs where they drive back and forth between locations. If a worker was in a car accident, they may be able to apply for workers’ comp benefits. However, these benefits are not available to everyone. Here is what you should know:

Were you working at the time of the accident? 

One of the main conditions for an employee to be qualified for workers’ comp benefits is that they must have suffered an injury while working. If an employee was driving home after a shift when they were in a car accident, then they likely would be denied workers’ comp benefits. However, if their job is to deliver packages and they were injured while delivering one, then they may be able to obtain medical benefits. 

Can you still file a car accident claim?

In addition to applying for workers’ comp benefits, an injured employee may be able to file a car accident claim. However, it can be difficult to balance a workers’ comp claim and a car accident claim. Employees who were involved in a car accident while on the job may need to learn about their legal options to help ensure they receive medical coverage and fair compensation.