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How can motorcycle riders prepare for their first spring ride?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

For those who enjoy riding motorcycles, the first ride of the spring can be an annual rite of passage. Even the most dedicated rider may put their motorcycle away for the winter, leading to building anticipation as weather conditions improve.

Unfortunately, riders who don’t prepare first for a springtime ride may put themselves at elevated risk of a collision. How can motorcycle riders protect themselves before they go out for their first ride this spring?

Performing a maintenance inspection

Many motorcycle owners take their bikes to a mechanic as soon as they bring them back out of storage in the spring or late winter. Others may do much of their maintenance themselves. A thorough inspection prior to riding is crucial for operator safety. Tire inflation, electrical wiring and fluid levels are all matters that a writer needs to address before heading out on the road. Riders may also need to check their gear for signs of age or wear which make replacing certain gear the right call.

Starting small to refresh skills

After ensuring that the motorcycle and their gear are in good condition, riders should plan a short ride. Staying in areas with lower speed limits and close to home is usually the best option. Riders need to brush up on their skills even if they have ridden on motorcycles for years. It takes a little bit of practice to tap back into those skills after months off of a motorcycle.

Being extra aware of visibility

The earlier in the season someone goes out for a ride, the greater their risk of surprising other motorists. Drivers who don’t expect to encounter a motorcycle may not notice them in traffic. Being proactive about safety may require pausing an extra second at intersections or even yielding the right of way to others to avoid getting hit by someone not adequately monitoring their surroundings.

As a closing note, it is important for motorcycle riders not to let their exuberance during their early spring rides overpower their better judgment. Keeping both wheels on the ground and adhering to all other traffic statutes, including the speed limit, can significantly reduce someone’s risk of a motorcycle collision. Riders who make safety their top priority can enjoy two-wheeled transportation without incurring unnecessary personal risk.