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Slip-and-falls are a serious summer safety concern

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Personal Injury

There are a variety of different seasonal risk factors that people in New Jersey need to know about in order to facilitate their personal safety and the safety of others. Discussions of seasonal risks often call to mind winter in particular, but every season has its own unique hazards.

The summer, for example, can be a dangerous time to be on the road in some areas. Despite temperatures well above freezing, people may also have to worry about the possibility of a slip-and-fall while patronizing local businesses. How does the summer lend itself to slip-and-fall incidents?

Flimsy shoes

One of the reasons that slip and fall risk is higher in the summer relates to people’s shoe choices. Flip-flops and other footwear that allow feet to breathe in hot weather often offer poor traction. With shoes that don’t grip the floor well, those in businesses are particularly susceptible to slip-and-fall hazards that they may encounter.

What people track in from outside

The summer is beach and pool season, and many businesses may see foot traffic from those visiting parks with pools or a nearby lake. Patrons who have recently been to a sandy beach may track some sand into the store. What they leave behind could result in other people losing traction. The same is true of water dripping off of people’s clothing or skin. Whether they recently went swimming or got stuck in the summer rainstorm, customers coming in with wet clothing or hair could lead to slip-and-fall injuries for others.

Overworked staff members

The summer months can be very busy at retail establishments, especially in high-traffic areas. People may also decide to call in well to work, meaning they don’t show up because they’d rather enjoy the nice day with friends or family. When employees don’t have enough support, they have to cut corners about fulfilling job responsibilities. Cleaning and sporadically checking facilities throughout a shift may not be priorities when there are barely enough people to keep the shelves stocked or the registers running.

A summertime slip-and-fall injury could derail someone’s plans by putting them in the hospital for weeks. Slip-and-falls could produce brain injuries and broken bones that create medical bills and lost wages. Holding a business accountable for unsafe facilities can compensate someone for their injuries.