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New Jersey nursing home problems require oversight

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse

Due to alleged incidents of neglect and abuse in a New Jersey nursing home, a monitoring team has been called in to assess the care facility’s ability to safely remain in operation. Abusive and neglectful care by nursing home employees has been cited by the New Jersey Department of Health on March 9 as the reason for this oversight.

Atlantic Health System was the group chosen to head up the effort of monitoring Woodland Behavioral and Nursing Center in Andover, the facility where the alleged neglectful and abusive care occurred. This is after a report came out in February 2022 which harshly criticized the way residents in this particular Sussex County nursing home were being cared for.

The claimed incidents included in this report amounted to health care violations so severe that, according to officials, they clearly put the safety and lives of residents at risk. Over 450 residents were potentially impacted by these violations.

Since these reports of nursing home negligence were made, new admissions to the Sussex County nursing home have ceased in an effort to prevent more damage from being done. This new move comes in addition to the monitoring of the facility now being performed. It’s a news story that’s made big headlines in its home state, in no small part because this particular nursing home happens to be one of the biggest in New Jersey.

A thorough investigation to assess the severity of violations

The team sent by Atlantic Health is reported to be multi-disciplinary, indicating a holistic approach to the assessment of nursing home negligence and abuse in this care facility. The onsite investigation is scheduled to last up to 90 days in order to provide a full report without and to ensure they’re observing the genuine practices of the caregivers.

Throughout this time, the team with be reporting back to Atlantic Health on a weekly basis to promptly communicate the findings of their investigation. The team will look into the operations, business practices, and infrastructure of the nursing home. Once completed, the team will provide their recommendations as to what the facility can do moving forward.