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What you need to know about Auto Accidents and TBI

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | Brain Injury, Car Accidents

Traumatic Brain Injury, otherwise known as TBI, is a serious problem in the United States. One of the most common causes of TBI is car accidents. If you live in the state of New Jersey and believe you may be suffering from TBI as a result of an auto accident, don’t hesitate to seek legal advice for help navigating the difficult road ahead.

TBI can be subtle

A jolt or blow to the head is the usual cause of TBI, but many people don’t realize that a mild concussion is technically an example of TBI. If you’ve been in an auto accident of any kind, there’s probably a chance you’ve suffered some form of TBI. A mild concussion may not feel like much when it happens, but brain injuries are no laughing matter. If you have a history of brain trauma and are the victim of an auto accident, even just a mild concussion may have more severe ramifications than you might expect.

Who’s at risk?

Auto accidents are doubly relevant to TBI cases of any variation because they are among the most significant causes of TBI-related hospitalizations. The elderly and the very young are more at risk of suffering from TBI after being involved in an auto accident. Still, car crashes account for a noticeable number of TBI-related hospitalizations in every age range. No one needs reminding that millions of auto accidents happen every year, but it’s crucial to realize that TBI resulting from auto accidents can be severe and sometimes overlooked.

Serious action for a serious problem

Disabilities and lingering effects resulting from TBI often have to do with a person’s cognitive and motor functions. Auto accidents, especially severe accidents, may leave you with serious, debilitating impairments, and legal advice can be a helpful avenue for getting the assistance you deserve.