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The full cost of a wrongful death

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one to the reckless or negligent actions of another person is one of the most tragic events someone can ever experience. While the toll of losing someone so close to them is heavy, many people are not aware of the other costs of losing someone to wrongful death.

There are many new circumstances that can lead to wrongful death. The compensation that commonly follows these kinds of deaths is meant to provide the survivors with the funds they need to live without the contributions their loved ones provided. Survivors must understand what is at stake in their loss.

Common forms of losses in a wrongful death

When the breadwinner of the family passes on, they leave a large hole for their family to fill after them. There is a lot that someone contributes to a family that most people may not consider right away. A family member could provide:

  • Primary income: the income the deceased provided could be the only method of the family paying rent and utilities, as well as buying necessities
  • Health benefits: medical, dental and vision benefits are something that not everyone can afford, especially if they are good plans. The loss of these plans can cost a family hundreds of thousands of dollars if the family does not earn a new plan soon.
  • Retirement benefits: pension benefits, 401ks and IRAs can all miss out on crucial contributions that a spouse would need to retire.
  • Future costs: major life events like college tuition and weddings are very expensive. A second spouse’s income and saving contributions can be a major benefit to paying for these expenses.

When the party that was liable for the loss of your loved one offers you compensation for your loss, you have the right to ensure that you are getting a fair amount.

Arm yourself with experienced guidance

Mourning the tragic loss of a loved one while also juggling a wrongful death claim to provide for your family is a burden that no one must bear. An experienced attorney can share the strain of a wrongful death claim by ensuring you are pursuing compensation that accurately matches the staggering cost of your loss.