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Design defects and products liability claims

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2019 | Products Liability

Before a New Jersey resident starts a new project, they may first make a plan to outline the work that they will have to do. As they plan, they may consider what materials they will need and what design they will follow for their project. They may weigh different options for how to accomplish their goals and to create the project that they need.

Businesses do the same thing when they plan new consumer goods and products. Research and development departments may identify consumer needs and work to create items that will fill the voids that consumers find in their lives. As they work, companies may design new goods that they hope to soon offer to their buyers.

However, in some situations, the design of a new project may be flawed and dangerous. A design defect occurs when an item is designed with an unreasonably dangerous element in it. The product may function as it is supposed to, but because of its inherent danger to consumers it may be considered defective and in need of redesign.

Individuals who are hurt by unreasonably dangerous products often have legal options under the theory of products liability. Products can be defective due to design, as discussed in this post, due to manufacturing issues and due to warning deficiencies. When a product suffers from a defective element and hurts a person, the entity that was responsible for putting it into the chain of commerce may hold liability for the injuries the product cased. More information about design defects should be sought from personal injury attorneys. As with all posts on this blog, this article is not offered as legal advice and is provided as general information.