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Dozens of clinic patients contracted infections from knee injections

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

There were seeking pain relief. Now they’re in worse pain.

Dozens of people have contracted devastating infections after receiving injections to treat knee pain at a Wall Township clinic. After a spate of infections at the Osteo Relief Institute, an inspection by the New Jersey Department of Health revealed unsanitary practices that could be the root cause.

The Department of Health has confirmed 38 cases of staph infections and strep infections, many involving extended hospitalization. At least 20 patients have required surgical intervention to treat the stubborn infections, which are often resistant to traditional antibiotics.

The Ginsberg & O'Connor law firm has consulted with individuals who are still battling staph infections and dealing with the aftermath. We welcome inquiries from others who were treated at Osteo Relief and have symptoms or fear they are harboring a life-threatening infection.

Patients are ailing, worried and exploring legal action

Osteo Relief Institute is a clinic in Wall Township, New Jersey, specializing in treatment of knee pain for patients who are recovering from knee surgery or suffering from osteoarthritis. A health inspection by the New Jersey Department of Health revealed non-sterile practices; namely medical staff not washing their hands properly and leaving loading syringes out in the open for extended periods before injecting patients.

These unsanitary conditions are believed to have caused the dangerous staph and strep infections. Many patients experienced massive swelling in their knees within hours of the injections. Other symptoms include amplified pain in their already aching joints, as well as fever and skin rashes. Staphylococcus infections are notoriously difficult to treat. Many patients of Osteo Relief have endured surgical procedures to administer high-power antibiotics to the infection site. Some have been hospitalized multiple times, for weeks at a stretch. Many are hobbled and unable to work.

If the findings of the health inspection are verified, it may constitute medical malpractice on the part of the clinic and its medical professionals. Based on a letter sent to patients, a medical supplier of syringes may also be implicated. The clinic shut down in early March but has since reopened.

If you or a family member were treated at Osteo Relief Institute, contact our Laurel law office to discuss possible legal action. Our medical malpractice lawyers have won cases across New Jersey. We know how to hold medical providers accountable for the harm their negligence has caused.