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Defective vehicle components are serious safety risks

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2015 | Products Liability

When you purchase a car or components for your car, you expect that you are purchasing a safe item. You don’t anticipate that you will be involved in an accident that was caused by a defective component.

Sadly, defective products on vehicles are something that are almost commonplace these days. We understand the severity of the injuries that can occur in accidents caused by these defective vehicle components.

The National Transportation Safety Board reported in a study that the recall system for tires is broken. Many of the tires that have already been recalled remain on the roadways today because the owners of the tires weren’t ever notified of the recall. That poses a significant safety risk to the drivers of those vehicles, as well as other drivers who share the roadway with them.

The defective components of vehicles aren’t limited only to the tires. Other components, such as faulty seat belts, weak roofs, defective brakes and other components, can fail and lead to injuries.

When a car accident is caused by a defective, recalled or faulty component, you must explore your options for seeking compensation. In some cases, you can hold the component manufacturer accountable for the injuries you suffered.

At Ginsburg & O’Conner PC, we can help you explore your options for seeking compensation after your accident. We can help you determine which entities you should list as defendants in your claims. While nothing can do away with the effects of the injuries you suffered, compensation might help to reduce the financial impact of the accident and your injuries.