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Four injured in New Jersey accident when car crosses center line

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2013 | Car Accidents

No matter how safely a motorist drives, he or she can never be sure that other drivers are taking the same preventative precautions. Unfortunately, this means that motorists are often blindsided by a careless driver, and they are often seriously injured as a result. Because of this, car accident victims should be aware of the legal options available to help them regain their normal life.

A recent New Jersey accident shows how even careful drivers can become victims of car accidents through no fault of their own. The car accident occurred on Route 70 when a driver crossed the center line. His vehicle slammed into an oncoming Subaru, which caused two other vehicles to become involved in the accident. Several people were injured in the accident, suffering injuries related to the head, vertebrae and knees. The driver of the errant vehicle was also injured.

A negligent driver who causes an accident can leave victims with a difficult life. These victims might have lifelong pain stemming from the accident as well as emotional difficulty getting behind the wheel again. Additionally, obtaining the medial care needed to reach a full recovery can be costly, especially if the injured individual is unable to work and therefore unable to obtain wages.

Fortunately, a New Jersey accident attorney can fight on behalf of car accident victims in an attempt to recover these losses. When a car accident victim files a lawsuit against a negligent driver, his attorney will pore over accident reports, witness accounts and other evidence to try to prove negligence caused the accident and thus the victim’s injuries. Also, the attorney will work to establish the extent of the harm caused to the victim in an effort to obtain maximum compensation.

If an accident lawsuit succeeds, then the victim may obtain compensation for his harm. This may mean recovering medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Though such awards may not take away all the physical and emotional pain thrust upon a victim, it can help the victim move past the accident and move on with his life.

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