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Staying safe while playing Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go players can reduce their risk of accidents by staying alert, avoiding unsafe places, being visible at night and avoiding playing while driving.

Since Pokemon Go was released in early July, it has attracted millions of players in the United States. According to Fortune, the number of people who use this app has already surpassed the number of people who use Twitter, with an estimated 21 million people playing on a peak day. These figures may only increase as the game becomes more popular.

Pokemon Go offers players a unique virtual reality experience, but it can also introduce unusual risks. With various accidents related to this game already being reported, it is important for players to understand the steps that they can take to protect themselves.

Stay vigilant

It is critical for Pokemon Go players to stay alert to their surroundings, since there have already been various cases of people suffering injuries while distracted with the game. For example, according to CBS News, one teenager reportedly crossed a highway while playing the game and was hit by a car, resulting in injuries serious enough to require hospitalization. Players should always monitor their surroundings for obstacles and hazards such as moving vehicles, drop-offs, poorly maintained walkways and objects that present a tripping hazard.

Forbes notes that players can take a few steps to ensure that they remain adequately focused on their surroundings. First, players should set their phones to vibrate when a Pokemon is nearby to eliminate the need for constant monitoring of the app. When catching Pokemon, players should stop and make sure that they are standing in a safe place, rather than walking while distracted.

Avoid driving

Players should always avoid using the Pokemon Go app while driving, according to NBC News. The mental and visual demands of the game can endanger players as well as other road users. Police departments in several major cities have also issued recommendations that players avoid playing Pokemon go while riding bicycles, skateboarding or using similar forms of self-powered transportation.

On a related note, pedestrians who are playing the game should remain alert to drivers, bicyclists and other road users who may also be utilizing the app. This can help pedestrians can reduce their risk of experiencing accidents involving distracted drivers.

Stick to safe areas

Police departments also recommend that people avoid playing Pokemon Go in areas that they would normally stay away from due to safety concerns or legal restrictions. Players should refrain from entering areas where their physical well-being may be at risk due to crime or other factors. Additionally, players should avoid trespassing onto private grounds or property that appears unsafe to enter.

Remain visible

People who are playing Pokemon Go at night should take precautions to ensure that they are visible to motorists and other people. Players can reduce their risk of pedestrian accidents by staying in well-lit areas or wearing brightly colored clothing. Players should also consider traveling in groups or pairs. Besides improving visibility, this can reduce the risk that a player will unwittingly walk into a dangerous situation.

Handling accidents

Unfortunately, these tips may not eliminate every accident or injury, especially in cases when other people are at fault. People who suffer harm due to the inattention of a driver, the carelessness of a property owner or the negligence of another party should keep in mind that they might have legal recourse. Anyone who believes that another person was at fault for his or her injuries may benefit from consulting with an attorney for further advice regarding potential legal remedies.