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Protect yourself by knowing what to do after a car accident in NJ


There are several steps drivers should take following the event of a car accident to protect their safety and best interests.

Car accidents happen frequently on the roads in New Jersey, and it is almost inevitable that drivers will be involved in a collision several times during their lifetime. For instance, most average drivers will file a claim for an auto accident every 17.9 years. This means that drivers who got their license at the age of 16 are going to experience some type of crash by the time they reach the age of 34. Since car accidents are so frequent, drivers should know what to do to handle the aftermath of a crash effectively.

After the accident

It is recommended that drivers carry warning flares or traffic cones as well as relevant medical information stored somewhere in the vehicle to use in the event of an accident. When an accident does occur, drivers should take the following steps:

  • Take a deep breath and try not to panic.
  • Check themselves and others involved for injuries. If any speculation exists about harm done, an ambulance should be called.
  • Any cars involved in the crash should, if possible, be moved out of the way of oncoming traffic.
  • Warning triangles or flares should be used for safety, and each vehicle’s hazard lights should be turned on.

The police should be notified of the accident as soon as possible, regardless of how minor the collision was. Additionally, those involved should let their insurance providers know about the accident soon after it occurs.

Other things to know

In addition to taking the steps listed above, drivers should make sure they write down details about the accident while it is still fresh in their mind. Drivers should write down how the accident happened, witness information, injuries incurred and any other relevant information.

While discussing the accident, those involved should be polite, but never state that the accident was their fault, even if they believe this to be true. Drivers should also limit discussing the events of the collision to conversation with the police and their insurance agent, and refrain from signing any documents unless they are provided by one of these two parties.

Contact an attorney

In many cases, car accidents in New Jersey leave those involved with serious injuries that harm their ability to perform normal daily activities and even go back to work. When this occurs, car accident victims should reach out to an attorney in their area who can help them assert their right to fair and proper compensation.