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New Jersey consumers wonder why lithium-ion batteries explode


Learn a few common reasons lithium-ion batteries explode to better protect and educate yourself.

If you use a laptop, smartphone, e-reader or even an e-cigarette, chances are it runs on a lithium-ion battery. Most New Jersey residents are well-aware of recent cases of lithium-ion batteries exploding in smartphones, and many of them wonder why. If you are among this population, educate yourself on the main causes of battery explosions and what you can do if you become the victim of a lithium-ion battery explosion.

Production problems

There are situations in which the battery is fine, but there is an issue with the product it powers. For instance, there might not be sufficient room for the battery’s electrodes, which can result in short-circuiting. This is often the result in products designed to be as slim and sleek as possible, which can sometimes come at the expense of the user’s experience. Additional examples of product problems and design flaws include poor venting and poor thermal management. If the problem is with the battery, it might have something to do with there not being sufficient insulation or design flaws, such as rough edges.

Poor chargers

While inexpensive chargers are great on your wallet, they can be less so on your battery. The price of some chargers is ultra-low because they lack proper insulation. There are also battery charger manufacturers who sidestep safety laws while making chargers or build products with poor power-management features. Always check the company’s reputation before putting money down on a backup charger for your lithium-ion powered devices.

User Damage

Even a perfect battery in a perfect product is no guarantee that there will not be issues. When phones, laptops and e-readers are dropped, those falls can result in damage to the battery, damage that can result in either a fire or an outright explosion. Because some batteries are inaccessible to users, they have to rely on other ways to check the state of their lithium-ion battery. For instance, if the device has odd bulges or is hotter than normal, it is best to have it looked at by a professional to see whether there is a problem with the battery.

Companies cave into industry pressure

In their efforts to save money while making money, some battery manufacturers sometimes resort to insufficient production methods. Such practices sometimes result in products made with flawed materials or approved with poor quality control measures. There are also companies that seek to cash in on trends and put off inferior products made with equally inferior lithium-ion batteries.

If you are a New Jersey resident who has recently had a lithium-ion battery explode or catch fire, you might have a case on your hands. Get in touch with a lawyer to explore your options and decide on your next move.