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How can studying large truck crashes help New Jersey residents?

Because many of the worst automobile crashes involve big rigs, it's not surprising that government and state agencies devote many resources to safety initiatives to help prevent them. The size and typical use of these 18-wheelers can create dangerous situations for passenger vehicles, and there are higher standards applied to truck drivers and trucking companies as a result. Victims involved in truck crashes are often in need of substantial compensation to recover.

Truck driver fatigue: It’s a danger to us all

Freight moves all over this country at a remarkable pace. The vast majority of it gets from here to there by truck. Because much of the road travel consists of long-haul trips, it's not surprising that truck driver fatigue plays a role in the inevitably high number of big rig accidents.

The big rig: Holding drivers to a higher standard in New Jersey

Dangerous, distracted driving is all around us these days. On most highway trips, we can't help but notice drivers talking on the phone or texting while driving despite laws prohibiting it in most places. As scary as that may be, a driver texting while maneuvering 80,000 pounds of truck might be far worse.

Driver fatigue likely; New Jersey trucker charged in fatal crash

Sleep deprivation is an issue that seems to be surfacing more and more as investigators reconstruct tractor-trailer crashes all across the country. Federal trucking regulations are in place to help prevent tired truck drivers from operating these big rigs that can crush a smaller vehicle in an instant. But quite often it seems that these standards and guidelines are being ignored in favor of the profit or the paycheck.

More than driver fatigue at fault for Tracy Morgan crash?

Over the summer, news outlets published a number of stories regarding a fatal truck accident that involved actor and comedian Tracy Morgan. The accident was followed by individuals and agencies in New Jersey and across the nation, and not just become a celebrity was involved. The accident, which involved a Wal-Mart truck, brought truck safety requirements to the forefront of many discussions.

Truck driver fatigue: Regulations can help roadway safety

There are a myriad of reasons why truck accidents happen in New Jersey. Road conditions in the winter, negligent car drivers and mechanical failure are just a few. But as mentioned previously, when truck drivers aren't following safety regulations, the risk of accidents and injuries increases. Often these injuries are catastrophic because of the sheer size of a big rig compared to other vehicles. This is one reason why truckers are held to a higher safety standard by states and the federal government.

Truck accident ends with 2 vehicles in New Jersey lake

Large trucks are a requirement of modern society. From dirt and rock to sodas and diapers, there are things individuals need and something has to get them to the store or proper site. Even when truck drivers are careful, truck accidents can occur. When those drivers aren't following safety rules or traffic laws, the risks of accident and injury increase.

Is driver fatigue to blame for New Jersey truck accident?

According to the criminal complaint made against a 35-year-old truck driver, failure to follow safety regulations and driver fatigue are the cause of an accident that took the life of a comedian and left another comedian, Tracy Morgan, in the hospital. The driver, who was operating a Wal-Mart big rig at the time of the accident, pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was released after posting a $50,000 bail.

New Jersey family involved in accident with box truck

Although it's not always the case that a large vehicle results in large accident-related crashes, it is true that big trucks have the potential to cause a lot of damage on the road. A truck accident can leave individuals with serious injuries or even cause the death of other drivers and passengers. An accident on the New Jersey Turnpike left two injured, say authorities.

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