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Take appropriate steps after a motor vehicle accident

When you are involved in a car accident, it is often difficult to remember what you should and shouldn't do after the accident. As basic as it seems, how you handle things right after the accident can have a big impact on any claims for compensation you might choose to make later. With that in mind, here are some pointers to help you if you are ever involved in an accident.

Impaired drivers put other people at risk

When most people hear about accidents caused by drunk drivers, they think about drivers who are above the legal limit of .08 percent for a blood alcohol concentration. Those drivers certainly can cause serious accidents, but drivers with a lower BAC can also cause accidents. In fact, a person's ability to drive is actually affected with a BAC as low as .02 percent.

Drunk drivers put innocent people at risk

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is the beginning of the busy holiday season that is packed full of fun festivities. People get together and enjoy the end of the year with festivities like holiday parties that include alcohol. People who attend those parties, as well as any event that includes alcohol, should designate drivers to ferry them home after the party ends. Sadly, all-too-many make the deadly decision to drink and drive.

Social media breaks story about rapper's motorcycle accident

Social media is often where a story breaks for the first time. In times of crisis, news channels often deliver information as it is reported by users on Twitter and other networks. While these sources are rarely used as "confirmed" sources by the media, what is said by Twitter and other social media users can cloud a story.

Texting and driving is akin to liability in an accident

The stats on texting and driving are repeatedly reported by news channels across the country, and almost anyone you speak to will admit to knowing the dangers of such action. In New Jersey, it is illegal to text and drive, and doing so will result in a ticket or other consequence if a driver is seen by law enforcement. Even so, drivers of all ages still engage in this activity.

What should you do following a car crash?

In the moments just after a car accident, you can experience a range of physical and emotional states. Even if you have no injuries or only minor injuries, you could be in shock from the incident. If you are seriously injured, you might not be able to move or call for help. Here are some things to do immediately following an accident if you are able.

Aggressive driving and road rage can lead to car accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, aggressive driving involves unlawful action on the part of a driver who is speeding, passing improperly or improperly changing lanes. Since aggressive driving can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents, the person doing the aggressive driving might be held liable for any damages or injuries that occur in such accidents.

Possible drag racing crash over Memorial weekend

Holidays are always a time when authorities report seeing an increase in motor vehicle accidents. One reason is that there are simply more people on the roadways during these times. Sadly, another reason for increased accidents is that celebrations around the holidays often include alcohol, which can lead to reckless behavior behind the wheel.

Car accident investigation reveals off-duty policemen was drunk

Just about every day there are news reports that contain details of a car wreck on New Jersey roads. Some involve serious injuries, extensive damage and much liability for the driver at fault. Victims in these car crashes might be able to aid their recoveries by pursuing compensation for losses. If a fatality is involved, accountability as well as financial payment is often important to families.

Recovering from a car accident in New Jersey

Now that we've presented some facts about car accidents, New Jersey residents will likely agree that car crashes are costly in many ways. There's no doubt that damaged vehicles cause inconvenience and expenses one would rather avoid. But a real concern after a serious car wreck is the physical harm a victim experiences. Sometimes, it's no less difficult to deal with the emotions that come along with injury recovery.

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