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Driving tech doesn’t eliminate all safety risks

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2024 | Car Accidents

Auto technology is designed to keep people safer. It often does. Backup cameras have reduced the number of accidents in parking lots, for example. An automatic braking system can apply the brakes faster than a person, potentially preventing rear-end accidents. These are just a couple examples out of many as tech evolves.

But an interesting phenomenon has been happening. Researchers have noticed that technology might make people safer in the car, but it’s also making them worse drivers. This could, in turn, wash out some of the safety benefits of the technology itself. If people’s ability to drive declines, they will still cause accidents, even with new safety tech in their vehicles.

Why does this happen?

This essentially just happens because people become reliant on the technology and assume that it is going to do the job of driving the vehicle for them.

For example, Tesla has an “Autopilot” system in some of their vehicles. It is very far from an actual autopilot system, despite the name, and is more of a driver assistance program. The driver is still supposed to be alert and have their hands on the wheel, but the car can handle a lot of the small tasks of staying on course and maintaining its speed.

But there was one accident where a driver decided that they would watch a movie on their phone, trusting the autopilot system to drive safely. Instead, it drove them into a police car. Drivers can make similar mistakes if they put too much trust in a lane departure warning system, an advance braking system, a blindspot monitoring device or any type of automotive tech.

The driver’s responsibility

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by another driver, they may blame the tech in their car, but they still have a responsibility to be safe. You may deserve compensation for your medical bills and other costs.