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Why it makes financial sense to fight tickets in municipal court

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2024 | Municipal Court

A traffic citation is an accusation of breaking the law. However, such violations tend to be relatively minor and cannot lead to incarceration like more serious criminal offenses might. Therefore, the first instinct of many people is simply to pay a traffic ticket.

That approach can be a major mistake. Those cited for a traffic offense have the option of fighting the ticket in municipal court. Some people balk at the idea of hiring a lawyer instead of paying a fine. However, those who look at the big picture can easily see the financial value of fighting a traffic ticket instead of paying it.

Tickets can lead to license suspension

Most people rely on their own transportation to get their families to important appointments and to commute to work. When someone loses their driver’s license, it can cost a lot of money to use alternate systems for transportation, like rideshare services. Additionally, their career could be at risk in some cases. And, paying a traffic ticket might eventually mean that someone loses their driving privileges. Every traffic ticket carries a set amount of points. Excess speed infractions could carry between two and five points depending on how fast someone drives. Once someone has 12 points on their license, the state could suspend it. Fighting a ticket means preventing the addition of points to one’s driving record in New Jersey.

Tickets increase insurance costs

Insurance companies can charge more for coverage when policyholders represent a bigger financial risk. Someone’s driving history can have a major impact on their insurance premiums. The more tickets someone has on their record, the greater the chances that they might eventually cause a crash through poor driving habits. Therefore, paying citations can lead to a significant increase in insurance premiums when someone renews their policy for the year. In some scenarios, too many citations might even lead to an insurance company refusing to underwrite someone’s policy.

There are many different strategies that can help people successfully defend against New Jersey traffic tickets depending on the circumstances leading to their citation. Ultimately, seeking legal guidance and defending against a traffic ticket in municipal court can be a smart financial decision.