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Is the GPS to blame for a car crash?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2023 | Car Accidents

In some cases, a driver gets involved in a car accident and then blames their GPS. Maybe they claim that the GPS gave them faulty directions. Maybe the GPS just gave them a direct instruction, like saying they should “turn left now” and they followed those instructions immediately.

But is it fair to blame the GPS? It certainly is possible for a GPS system to be involved in an accident, in that a driver who is using one of these systems may get into a crash, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the fault lies with the GPS device itself.

The GPS is just a tool

The thing that drivers need to remember is that a GPS device is a tool, just like a map. It can help them get to their destination. But, also just like a driver who is using a paper map, that driver is still responsible for making careful and wise decisions. If the GPS tells them to turn left, the driver still needs to determine when it is the proper time to do so. 

Drivers also used to have to use common sense and read the conditions around them. The GPS may give them instructions, but the driver still has to consider things like the road design or weather conditions. Things may have changed – a two-way street being turned into a one-way, for instance – and the driver has to adapt. Blindly following the GPS still means that the driver is the one who is responsible because they are ultimately in control of the vehicle.

In some cases, drivers will make a mistake while following a GPS and cause a crash that injures others. These injured parties may be able to seek compensation for medical bills and other costs.