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2 reasons some people drink and drive

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Drunk Driving Accidents

The dangers of drunk driving are widely discussed, yet some people still get behind the wheel while impaired. So, why would someone engage in such a behavior knowing its dangers?

Below are two reasons:

Social influences

A significant percentage of impaired drivers are influenced by friends. Social influences occur in different ways, and one element involves heavy drinking. For example, a host may expect people to over consume to keep the party going. Anyone who drinks in moderation may be viewed as a party pooper. 

Accordingly, people who drove to the party may end up extremely drunk. If they choose to drive themselves back home, the chances of an accident occurring can be high.

Another way in which social influences lead to impaired drivers on the road is the willingness to let drunk friends drive. When friends go out and fail to choose a designated driver, they may just pick one of them to drive since they need a ride.

Even a less impaired person in the group may refuse to drive because some people are less concerned about being injured as a passenger than being arrested as a drunk driver.

Personal influences

Some people choose to drive while impaired by themselves – they are not influenced by friends. This may stem from a person’s inability to tell/admit they are drunk, or perhaps they did it before and got home without being arrested or causing an accident.

Alcohol can also give one a false sense of security. It can boost their confidence, making them believe they can drive without getting in trouble.

Social and personal influences are among the leading reasons some people drink and drive. If a drunk driver injured you, get legal help to understand your options.