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What is an underride accident and how does it happen?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Car Accidents

A rare and yet exceedingly dangerous type of car accident is known as an underride accident. This happens when two vehicles have a distinct height difference. It often involves semi-trucks and small passenger cars.

To be an underride accident, the smaller vehicle has to become crushed, pinned or even trapped under the larger vehicle. For instance, a driver in a convertible could strike the side of a semi’s trailer as it turns, wedging the convertible underneath the trailer. Or a semi-truck could be backing up when it runs into a smaller vehicle, which is then crushed by the rear end of the trailer.

Why these accidents are so dangerous

When these accidents happen, there is a high chance of severe injuries for those in the smaller vehicle. They can be trapped inside that vehicle, and it’s hard for emergency crews to respond. 

Additionally, some of the safety systems on that smaller car may be largely rendered useless by the underride accident. Crumple zones in the front of the vehicle aren’t going to dissipate energy as they would in a collision with a smaller car, for instance. Those crumple zones are too low and the impact happens above the car’s hood.

Finally, head and chest injuries are very common in underride accidents. Again, the issue is the high impact point of the crash. The underside of the trailer may strike the car’s windshield, rather than the frame, meaning people have injuries higher on their bodies. This is part of the reason for the high fatality rate. 

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