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Common causes of semitruck crashes besides a trucker’s actions

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2023 | Truck Accidents

The size, weight and design of semitrucks create unique challenges when it comes to safety on the road. The complexity of operating such a large vehicle means numerous factors can contribute to accidents involving semitrucks. Understanding these causes is vital for trucking companies, drivers and other motorists sharing the road with these large vehicles.

This information is also important if a semitruck strikes someone and opts to pursue a claim for compensation. Knowing the cause of the crash better ensures that they’ll name the appropriate parties in the claim.

Improper load securement is a significant concern

Improperly secured loads can lead to devastating accidents. When a load is not adequately secured, it can shift during transport, causing the truck to become unbalanced. This may result in the truck tipping over or the load falling off the vehicle entirely. Adhering to proper loading protocols, including appropriate tie-downs and weight distribution, is essential to preventing these accidents.

Lax maintenance can lead to accidents

Like any other vehicle, semitrucks require regular maintenance to function correctly. Neglecting essential maintenance tasks such as checking brakes, tires5 and lights can lead to mechanical failures. Such failures might occur while the truck is in motion, leading to accidents that could have been prevented with regular inspections and care.

Trucking company requirements and their effects

Trucking companies are responsible for setting and enforcing safe working conditions and expectations for their drivers. Unfortunately, some companies may pressure drivers to meet unrealistic delivery schedules. This can lead to fatigue and poor decision-making on the driver’s part. Ensuring that trucking companies adhere to responsible scheduling and workload practices is crucial in preventing accidents caused by these pressures.

Other motorists contribute to semitruck accidents as well

While many factors contributing to semitruck accidents can be attributed to the trucking industry, other road motorists also play a role. Aggressive driving, lack of understanding of a truck’s blind spots, and failure to adhere to safe following distances can all lead to dangerous interactions with semitrucks.

All motorists are at risk of a semitruck crash if any of these factors influence the semitrucks they share the road with. Medical bills and lost wages can add up after a wreck caused by any of these issues. Seeking compensation can help to cover these costs.