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When is someone’s risk of a drunk driving crash the highest?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Drivers should always be alert, as it only takes seconds for traffic conditions to change in a way that might lead to a wreck. Although constant vigilance is absolutely a road safety ideal to aspire to, harm reduction is often a much more realistic personal practice. Instead of trying to be perfect at the wheel, drivers can look to reduce their personal risk of a wreck by learning about and minimizing specific concerns.

Harm reduction efforts on the road might include acknowledging when crash risk is highest. For example, drunk driving collisions are a leading cause of fatality and severe injuries. When do motorists have the highest risk of encountering a drunk driver and getting into a crash?

The holidays, especially in the summer, are riskiest

People may drink alcohol every day in some cases, but they tend to overindulge during social celebrations in particular. Several of the most popular federal holidays, particularly those in the summer months, tend to see a significant increase in drunk driving crashes. Overall, the Fourth of July or the weekend closest to the holiday will be the most dangerous time in terms of drunk driving crash risk, although Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving also see noticeable increases in impaired driving fatalities. Those on the road on the actual holidays and those traveling the weekend right before or after the holiday are likely those with the greatest chance of involvement in a drunk driving crash.

Nighttime tends to see an upswing as well

A significant portion of drunk driving collisions occur late at night or early in the morning when people head home from entertainment venues, bars and restaurants. Drunk driving after dark is one of the main reasons that nighttime driving is statistically more dangerous than daytime driving. Federal analysts state that 3.1 times as many deadly drunk driving crashes occur after dark as opposed to during the day.

Those who learn about and account for trends in drunk driving could reduce their personal risk of a wreck. Learning more about the factors present in many drunk driving crashes may lead to improved overall safety due to a drop in crash rates.