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Common causes of truck accidents in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Truck Accidents

New Jersey transportation companies make money based on the number of deliveries they complete and the timely fashion in which this is accomplished. The problem is that the rush to deliver can also often result in truck accidents. Here are a few elements of truck accidents that many have in common.

Driver fatigue

Even though there are specific operating hours restrictions for commercial drivers, transportation companies often require drivers to stay on the road for an entire shift. This can be as much as 11 hours in a single day with a minimal amount of time for rest. Statistics have shown that many truck accidents occur during the last hours of a driver’s shift, suggesting that driver fatigue could have been a factor in causing any motor vehicle accidents involving a commercial truck.

Shifted loads and overweight trucks

Another problem that can result in a truck accident is improper loading of cargo. Flat-bed trailer cargo is often not properly secured with anchoring equipment, and many shipment contractors overload trailers trying to get a full load out of the facility. Other issues such as unbalanced weight distribution in a container can result in tipping over, which could result in a vicarious liability claim against a shipper.

However, driver error is the most common reason that truck accidents occur. Chief among driver errors is reckless driving, and not just from commercial truck drivers. Standard vehicle drivers are also negligent in this regard particularly when it involves excessive speed or failure to use signal indicators. When coupled with overwork for drivers, the overall scenario can easily result in accidents when any drivers disregard the rules and regulations of New Jersey highways.