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Faulty parts can lead to accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Car Accidents

Not all auto accidents in New Jersey are caused by driver error or bad weather. There are many accidents that occur due to mechanical failure of some type, very often ending in collisions or single-vehicle accidents. While most of these failures occur with older vehicles that are poorly maintained and still being driven on the highway, the truth is that mechanical malfunctions can also happen with newer models as well. All automobile safety features do not operate as advertised, and determining malfunctions as a major contributor to accident causation commonly must be uncovered after thorough investigation. Here are a few mechanical components that commonly fail and cause accidents.

Braking systems

One of the primary vehicle components that cause accidents when they fail is brakes and braking systems. Failure to change pads when needed is a common cause of failure in older model vehicles, but even a braking system can fail under certain circumstances. Secondary braking system failure is even known to be a factor in some accidents.


Defective or worn tires are also known to contribute to causing many motor vehicle accidents. This can be due to faulty design in some instances, but accidents are typically caused by blowouts that happen for a wide variety of reasons ranging from picking up a nail to busted belts within the tire itself.

Automated driving vehicles

Much accident attention is currently being placed on newer model vehicles with automated driving systems. Although this is hailed as driving in the future, the future apparently is not here as yet. There are multiple recent reports of motor vehicle accidents occurring when automated driving systems are in use in both New Jersey and across the nation.

All New Jersey car owners should pay close attention to their vehicles and make necessary repairs as soon as possible. The life you save may not only be your own.