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Is my loved one a victim of nursing home neglect?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse

When New Jersey families decide that it is best for a loved one to be placed in a nursing home, there is an expectation that the facility will provide the appropriate amount of care and attention. That includes medical treatment, proper nutrition, cleanliness, and safety. Unfortunately, some nursing homes fail in their duty. Often, families are unaware of this before it is too late.

Recognizing evidence that a nursing home is being neglectful

Signs of problems in nursing homes can take many forms and it is imperative to recognize them. If there is a noticeable change in the person’s appearance and behavior, it could stem from not getting the proper nutrition. The staff is obligated to ensure that the person is eating, drinking, and taking the proper medication. A resident looking and acting weak and ill could be a worrisome signal. Psychologically, the resident could behave in ways that are unusual for them.

Cleanliness is fundamental for everyone, but it is especially important for the elderly and infirm people. Failure to keep clean can lead to infections, sickness, and long-term challenges. A lack of clean facilities, linens, clothes, and not washing the residents will be relatively clear. A person who has sudden bruises, cuts, broken bones, bedsores, and other injuries might not be getting the necessary care. It may not have been inflicted by a staff member, but it could be due to a simple lack of vigilance. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that nursing home residents, on average, fall 2.6 times annually. Approximately 1,800 lose their lives because of falls. All are indicators that nursing home neglect might be the culprit.

Watching for signs and acting is crucial

Family members should look for clues of the above-mentioned issues or any changes to a person’s demeanor, physicality, mental acuity, and personality. Placing a loved one in a nursing home is difficult. If there is suspicion or blatant evidence that there is neglect, it must be addressed. To be sure of potential problems, it could be useful to have advice before determining how to proceed.