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Can misdiagnosis of sarcomas lead to medical malpractice?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

If you have an abnormal lump or bump on your body or if you have noticed a mass in an odd place on a loved one given care in a nursing home, it’s wise to get such a condition checked out by a medical professional. It could be a sarcoma. Sarcomas are often misdiagnosed or even missed by New Jersey doctors, and this missed opportunity for treatment could have serious consequences.

What is a sarcoma?

Sarcomas are rare cancers that arise from connective tissue, muscle, fat, or bone. Doctors usually find them in bones or in the soft tissue near bones. They are different from other types of cancers that can spread to bones. Many doctors who are unfamiliar with these types of cancers can easily misdiagnose such a mass, leading to medical malpractice. Sarcomas often are painless, causing many people to dismiss their presence.

Appearances and sizes of sarcomas

Sarcomas are difficult to diagnose because they can appear anywhere in the body and have no set characteristics. For instance, they can grow quickly or slowly, be large or small, occur deep within or near the surface of the skin, and be firm or soft. They can also occur at any age. About one in 300 people will suffer from a sarcoma at some point in their lives. Sarcomas usually don’t display symptoms, which is why they are often not diagnosed quickly.

How are sarcomas diagnosed?

Anyone who has a suspicious lump or mass should see a specialist. An X-ray, MRI, or CT scan along with a biopsy performed by a sarcoma specialist can correctly diagnose the suspicious area. Poorly performed biopsies can affect the ability to remove the cancer.

What if my doctor dismissed my concerns?

The chances of survival from sarcomas vary widely, but those that spread because of misdiagnosis or dismissal could be grounds for medical malpractice. The more advanced the cancer is, the better the possible case.

If you believe that the sarcoma suffered by you or a loved one was misdiagnosed in its early stages, consulting a lawyer experienced in proving negligence in medical issues may help you receive compensation for your bills and suffering.