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Rare types of birth injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Birth injury, Medical Malpractice

The reality is that medical errors and accidents do occur within the New Jersey hospital system. Perhaps the most unfortunate of those damages are birth injuries. In many of birth injury cases, the hurts may not be apparent until later on. Because of this delayed evidence of a problem, parents should understand not only the types of injuries that may occur but also the visual and physical symptoms of those injuries.

Common factors that cause a traumatic birth injury

In many cases where a medical malpractice lawsuit has been issued, the courts will find out that the reason a birth injury occurred was due to the child itself. This might be confusing at first, but many factors play into how a child is injured during birth. Below are some of the common causes of why a child may receive injuries during delivery:

  • Abnormally large child
  • Size/shape of mother’s pelvis
  • Abnormal delivery position
  • Long labor period

Intraventricular hemorrhage

Perhaps the most serious of all birth injuries is an intraventricular hemorrhage. This occurs when bleeding is seen within the brain’s ventricular system and may cause serious damage to the brain’s cells. If the bleeding is extreme, it may even lead to death. Many cases of intraventricular hemorrhage occur among children with low birth weights.

Birth asphyxia

When a child does not receive the proper nutrients and oxygen, it may lead to birth asphyxia. This event can occur any time before or during a birth and can cause severe issues with the child’s brain and physical development if it’s not treated quickly. Fortunately, doctors and nurses can catch these issues.

If you believe that you and your child were a victim of medical malpractice, then it is important to consult an attorney. An attorney may provide you with the necessary legal information needed to acquire compensation.