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Are SUVs dangerous to pedestrians?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2021 | Car Accidents, Pedestrian accidents

SUVs continue to sell well in the consumer auto market because they serve beneficial purposes. Popularity contributes to their increased presence on New Jersey streets and highways. Unfortunately, this stylish and functional type of transportation presents risks to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Research reveals that these vehicles pose more significant dangers to pedestrians than traditional compact cars or sedans.

SUVs and the risk to pedestrians

Suggesting a pedestrian would not suffer harm when hit by a car would be unrealistic. However, a car’s smaller size may account for the lower number of fatalities when such incidents occur. A recent study in Michigan examined a comparison of fatality statistics, and that comparison indicated that SUVs involved in pedestrian collisions had more outcomes resulting in fatal injuries than cars did.

As previously noted, SUVs are popular vehicles, and their presence on the road has increased significantly in a relatively short number of years. A corresponding 9-year period also shows an increase in pedestrian fatalities. Of course, this is not conclusive, but it does hint at a disturbing trend.

Issues concerning negligence

The vehicle alone does not usually cause an accident, but a driver’s negligence often does, sometimes leading to a victim’s injury or death. However, an SUV could add additional problems for a driver, such as difficulty in maneuvering the vehicle. It’s size and weight can also produce a greater level of damage.

Drivers of all vehicles may fall into bad habits or poor driving practices, potentially increasing collision risks. Distracted driving, for example, can significantly undermine safety. Driving while intoxicated can make the safe operation of a vehicle nearly impossible. These factors and others fall under the heading of negligence.

Victims injured by a driver’s irresponsibility have a right to sue for their medical bills and other losses. In a fatal accident, the next of kin may file a wrongful death suit if a driver’s negligent actions caused the result. An attorney can help a plaintiff determine a suitable amount for damages.

Motor vehicle accidents involving SUVs may result in pedestrian fatalities. Victims of collisions with an SUV or any other vehicle should consult with an attorney about how to proceed.