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Snowplows on the road? Tips for safe driving.

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Car Accidents

With heavy snowfalls fast approaching, New Jersey drivers are soon to see snowplows fighting to stay ahead of the terrible weather. Whether spreading salt, sand or removing the snow altogether, these huge vehicles are tasked with keeping our roads safe – but they can present numerous hazards for drivers simply trying to get home and out of the cold.

All types of vehicles from cars and SUVs to buses and 18-wheelers are better off once a snowplow has made a pass through a treacherous area. Unfortunately, these necessary vehicles can become hazards in their own right. Here are three tips for drivers to remember when sharing the road with a snowplow.

  • Avoid passing at all costs: While the snowplow might be driving slowly and you are in a rush, it is much safer to stay behind the larger vehicle while they clear the path for both of you. If you attempt to pass a snowplow, you run the risk of venturing onto slick roads.
  • Don’t get too close: Even though you might become impatient by following a slower vehicle, it is wise to maintain a safe distance behind the snowplow. It is not uncommon for a snowplow to have to slow, stop or swerve to avoid a stuck vehicle. You want to give yourself plenty of time and space to react on slippery roads.
  • Check your tailpipe: For those who park on the street, it is not uncommon to walk out to a car half-covered in snow. Make sure you take the extra time to clear snow from around your tailpipe. Attempting to run a car with a blocked tailpipe can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide inside the vehicle.

Safe driving is a year-round concern. When the weather turns nasty, however, drivers must be careful of numerous uncommon situations. By remaining attentive of the road around you and the other vehicles in your space, you can reduce the chance of accidents and avoid serious harm.