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NYC Construction accident leaves 1 dead

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Construction Worker Accidents

Construction sites are usually a common presence in New Jersey and the surrounding areas, such as the five boroughs of New York City. These locales often see significant growth with the construction of new buildings and roads, and scaffoldings, trenches and cranes are often utilized in their creation. 

However, these sites can also turn deadly, as one man discovered working a job in Manhattan. 

Construction workers were in the midst of a project at a commercial space in Chelsea when, for unknown reasons, a fire extinguisher exploded without warning. Officials call the incident a strange accident, as it is not clear why the unit combusted. 

Blast causes death, injury  

The resulting blast from the exploding extinguisher killed one worker, who died at the scene. While it is not known how close the man was to the explosion, his instant death makes officials believe he was likely quite close. Another worker suffered serious injuries as the result of the explosion, and first responders transported him to a local hospital with considerable injuries. 

Explosion created metal projectiles 

Authorities believe that when the fire extinguisher exploded, it blew outward and turned pieces of the metal canister into deadly projectiles. The worker who died received fatal neck injuries, while the other man experienced deep cuts to one arm. His condition is unknown at this time. Authorities continue to investigate the scene and to uncover the reason for the explosion. 

It is the responsibility of construction companies to keep their workers safe in a variety of labor situations. Those who suffered an injury while on the job in New Jersey or the surrounding areas may want to consider speaking to a lawyer about filing a personal injury case.