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Different conduct may constitute abuse in a nursing home

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2019 | Nursing Home Abuse

No one should be subject to harm or abuse at the hands of those charged with caring for them. That includes the men and women who are residents of nursing homes and care facilities in New Jersey. Unfortunately, however, many individuals in residential care facilities are taken advantage of and subjected to damaging and dangerous actions by those who are in charge of their well-being.

When nursing home residents are abused, they may have rights to seek compensation based on their losses. Nursing home abuse claims can be difficult to pursue, and individuals and families who suspect that abuse has affected them or their loved ones can discuss their concerns with attorneys who work in this particular field of law. One of the reasons that nursing home abuse cases can be tough is that many different forms of conduct may constitute the abuse of this needy population.

Nursing home abuse can be physical or emotional. A nursing home resident may be harassed, belittled, or verbally attacked by a person charged with their care. They may be physically harmed, sexually assaulted, or neglected to the point that the suffer losses. Nursing home residents may be denied medical treatments, isolated from others, or forced to endure other traumatic forms of abuse.

Nursing home abuse should not be tolerated by anyone and those who commit it should be punished for their wrongful actions and omissions. A nursing home abuse victim may wish to talk to a lawyer about their possible claims for their damages, and as with all posts on this blog no readers should use this post’s contents as legal guidance.