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A missed diagnosis can be a deadly medical mistake

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

Most people know their own bodies well enough to know when something might be wrong. They may have a physical feeling that is not normal, or they may be aware of sensations that are unusual to their systems. When medical problems and questions arise, New Jersey residents often visit their doctors to have their concerns addressed and their inquiries answered.

After arriving at their doctor, a patient may be asked a series of questions about their condition. They may be asked to describe when their symptoms occurred and what changes they have experienced in their life that may have contributed to their medical concerns. A doctor may ask a patient to submit to tests to learn more about their condition and to rule out possible causes of their medical concerns.

Gathering information about a patient’s condition is an integral part of making an accurate diagnosis. Without a diagnosis, a doctor may not have a way to treat the patient’s condition, and the longer it takes a doctor to arrive at a diagnosis the longer a patient may suffer from their ailment. Most doctors use differential diagnostic practices to rule out causes of ailments and to arrive at proper causes of their patients’ harms.

A doctor who does not consider all reasonable options for the cause of a patient’s condition may be negligent in the execution of their duties. This is because a missed diagnosis, or a misdiagnosis, may leave a patient with ongoing pain or discomfort and the potential for a worsened condition if their ailment is not remedied. Patients who suffer misdiagnoses may have claims based on medical malpractice for their suffering and damages.