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Product liability claims can come from design flaw injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Products Liability

In our last blog post, we discussed what is required by law to be present in consumer warranties. Those warranties are important to consumers, and they can play a part in product liability claims if a consumer is harmed by a product. That, however, is only one part of the puzzle when you decide to seek compensation.

The products that you use should be safe for you to use when they are used in the intended manner. A recent recall involving Evenflo Evolve car seats is a good example of a product that you would expect to be safe. You wouldn’t expect that the product meant to keep your child safe in an accident would be the subject of a recall, but it is. The issue with the seat is actually a design issue. The child who is secured in the seat can loosen the straps and render the seat unsafe in a crash.

Now you can see how something that seems minor, a design flaw involving strap adjuster placement in that case, can actually be major. For the people who are injured by design flaws in products, serious injuries could occur. Those injuries might need medical attention, which can be costly.

We understand that you don’t use any product with the expectation that you will be injured. If you are injured, taking action against the product manufacturer is something you might consider. We can investigate your case and give you the rundown on what options you have. You can then make your decision so that we can move forward with whatever option you choose.