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Possible drag racing crash over Memorial weekend

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2015 | Car Accidents

Holidays are always a time when authorities report seeing an increase in motor vehicle accidents. One reason is that there are simply more people on the roadways during these times. Sadly, another reason for increased accidents is that celebrations around the holidays often include alcohol, which can lead to reckless behavior behind the wheel.

Reports don’t indicate whether alcohol was involved in an incident that injured several people and killed two adults the Sunday before Memorial Day, but it does appear that reckless driving of some type may have been involved. Witnesses indicate that the accident occurred as a result of what appeared to be a drag race.

One witness reported that two cars flew by him going approximately 90 miles per hour in a straight stretch of road. During the race, one of the drivers lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the other car. One of the vehicles continued onward to hit a third car that was stopped at an intersection at the time of the incident. Two children in the third car were injured and two adults died as a result of the crashes.

Police also report several single-vehicle accidents over the course of the holiday weekend. Although single-vehicle accident are not without their own liability issues, particularly if a passenger in the car is injured as a result of the driver’s negligence or fault, multi-car accidents often come with liability that is easier to prove. In the case of the alleged drag racing incident, reckless behavior and inappropriate use of the road would likely be enough to place liability onto one or both drivers.

Source: New Jersey 101.5, “More holiday fatalities on New Jersey highways,” Dan Alexander, May 25, 2015