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Drunk driving accident in Ridgewood New Year’s Day

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2013 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Local police recently arrested a 35-year old man from Ridgewood, New Jersey, on suspicion of drunk driving after he allegedly drove his pickup truck off the road and into a fence.

The alcohol-related accident was reported to police after the man’s pickup truck failed to navigate a right turn and crashed into a residential property, damaging the white picket fence in the process. There were no injuries reported at the scene, and the truck was towed away after the driver’s arrest. The man was booked for suspicion of driving under the influence, careless driving, and operating a vehicle without a driver’s license.

It is worth noting that this accident occurred on New Year’s Day, a holiday commonly associated with conspicuous alcohol consumption. Drunk driving is a particular problem on this holiday due to the sheer number of people celebrating by toasting in the New Year. Because of this, drunken driving during the holidays represents a particular time of danger to motorists. It’s why New Jersey and nearly every other state tends to mount holiday crackdowns on drunk driving.

Incidents such as this one illustrate the potential dangers of drunk driving and the harm that can result to innocent bystanders. While no one was killed or injured as a result of this accident, there was significant property damage in the form of the destroyed fence. That’s damage that neither the property owners, nor their insurance company should have to pay to repair. It would be advisable for them to explore whether a civil claim against the suspected drunk driver might be feasible.

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