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Families of accident victims lose wrongful death hearing

Recently, the families of two victims of a fatal car accident in Mannington, New Jersey, lost a wrongful death case against the county in an arbitration hearing. The wrongful death claims stem from a 2011 incident in which a 21-year-old woman and a 22-year-old woman were killed when their car skidded on an icy road and crashed into a tree. Both women were pronounced dead at the scene.

New Jersey parents sue volunteer cops in wrongful death suit

The parents of a 31-year old Garfield, New Jersey man who was killed in a crash while being chased by a pair of volunteer police officers recently filed a $30 million lawsuit against the city of Paterson, New Jersey and its police department. The wrongful death suit stems from an April, 2012 incident in which the man was allegedly chased by two auxiliary police officers as he rode his motorcycle through Paterson. The volunteer officers gave chase despite the fact that they did not have the authority to conduct traffic stops and were only allowed to direct traffic and control crowds.

Family of hit-and-run victim files wrongful death suit against drivers

The family of a 54-year old man who was killed in a hit-and-run accident involving two separate drivers in Trenton, New Jersey, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the two drivers responsible.

Wrongful Death suit filed over deadly freight train accident

Recently, the families of two victims of a freight-train accident that spilled toxic chemicals in Paulsboro, New Jersey have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the railroad company for negligently allowing the train to be derailed and spill dangerous chemicals near the plaintiffs' homes. The wrongful death suit stems from a November 2012 incident where four train tankers loaded with dangerous chemicals such as vinyl chloride derailed off of a bridge, spilling the chemicals into the waterway.

Company agrees to pay fine after explosion causes fatalities

Recently, UGI Utilities agreed to pay a $500,000 fine to the victims of a 2011 gas explosion in Allentown, Pennsylvania that killed five people. The families of the victims had filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company, claiming that the company did not adequately maintain its cast iron mains in the gas pipeline. As a result a gas explosion flattened two nearby houses and set a whole row of houses on fire.

Girlfriend of NJ teen shot by police files wrongful death suit

The girlfriend of a 19-year old man shot to death by Bergen County, New Jersey police has filed a federal wrongful death suit against the police department in Newark. The wrongful death suit alleges the police resorted to deadly force without justification or provocation.

Wrongful death suit filed against doctor in death of prostitute

A lawsuit has been filed by the mother of a murdered sex worker from New Jersey against a doctor who took her in the night of her disappearance. The wrongful death suit alleges that the doctor negligently caused the woman's death by giving her drugs to calm her down and then releasing her to her driver.

Slain girl's mom suing mental health clinic for wrongful death

Early last month, this blog discussed the case of an Alzheimer's patient killed by a fellow resident at a nursing home in New Jersey. This story demonstrated how tragedies can occur when such facilities breach the duty of care they owe to clients by failing to keep violent individuals properly supervised or isolated. Wrongful death lawsuits may be an option for families to pursue when a loved one has died due to apparent negligence in a health care facility, be they elderly residents in a nursing home or younger people in a mental health treatment program.

Elderly murder victim's family sues nursing home for negligence

The family of an 85-year-old Alzheimer's patient in Whippany, New Jersey, who was murdered by a fellow patient, is suing the home for failing to properly care for her. The family alleges that the victim had informed staff at the home that the male resident was stalking her and that he had threatened her. The family's suit alleges that the nursing home staff simply told the woman to avoid the man.

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