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You can take action when you are injured by a product

Products that are sold to the public should be safe to use. In some cases, such as with power tools, special care is needed to ensure that the user remains safe. When it comes to product liability claims, it is important to investigate the incident to determine if filing a claim for compensation is something you would like to do.

What happens if an inherently dangerous product causes an injury?

In the past, we've talked about how manufacturers and other companies have an obligation to provide safe products to consumers. If a defective or dangerous product can be linked to consumer injuries, then the companies in question might be held liable for any damage. But what happens when the product itself is inherently dangerous? Can product liability occur in a situation where injuries are caused by something like a knife, for example?

What are the types of defects that can occur in products?

It is important that any product that is sold to consumers is as safe as possible. This means that the products must be designed and manufactured with safety in mind. It also means that the instructions, including the warnings for the products, must properly convey the necessary information. When these elements aren't met, there is a chance that consumers can be harmed.

Don't let companies get away with selling dangerous products

As we discussed last week, defects in manufacturing can lead to death or injuries. When you are thinking about product liability claims, you have to realize that these cases stem from injuries that occur when the products are being used as they are intended. We know that most people don't use products thinking that they will get harmed by those products.

Defects in manufacturing can cause injuries or death

The news of recalled items can make people rather uneasy. It is difficult for some people to understand how a product that was supposed to be safe is suddenly considered so unsafe that it should be returned, fixed or discarded. There are several reasons why a product might be recalled. One of the possible reasons is a defect in manufacturing. This is one type of product liability issue that might occur without a recall ever being issued.

What is strict liability?

Strict liability comes into play in product liability cases. It is a doctrine that allows individuals injured by a product to seek compensation without showing specific manufacturing or other neglect. Strict liability is easier to prove than traditional liability, but it does have some requirements.

Another company recalls car seat for children

Car seats have become complex products over the past few decades. Parents can spend hours figuring out how to install a car seat, and the process has become so technical that individuals are now being certified to inspect seat installations and teach parents how to use car seats correctly. Even when parents do figure out how to install a seat, they can deal with issues later when a company recalls seats for safety issues.

When can a product liability lawsuit be filed?

All states have timelines on when a lawsuit can be filed against someone for injuries related to product liability. The timelines are based on when an injury is discovered or when it occurred. New Jersey is one of the states that bases the timeline for filing on when the injury occurred.

Risks of defective appliances

Every day, New Jersey residents, and those across the country, rely on a variety of small and large appliances to make life easier. Modern conveniences have dramatically increased our quality of life in recent years, but it is all too easy to forget that these electronic devices can turn dangerous or deadly when they are defective or they malfunction.

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